Stephanie Selter

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The CEO of “Selter Media,” a talent management and creative agency with headquarters in New York, is Stephanie Selter. Along with her sister Jen Selter, a well-known social media influencer and fitness model, she founded the agency. Stephanie followed in the footsteps of her older sister and rose to prominence on social media, eventually landing a job as a fitness model. She is currently a renowned digital strategist with a large following on social media. At the moment, she has over 20,000 Twitter followers and over 235,000 Instagram followers. She also routinely makes appearances on her sister’s over 12 million-follower Instagram feed.

Childhood & Formative Years

On December 21, Stephanie Selter was born in Roslyn, New York, in the United States. Jill Weinstein, Stephanie’s mother, reared her and her sister Jen. Stephanie attended Indiana University Bloomington following her graduation from Roslyn High School in Roslyn Heights, New York. Her Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management was awarded to her in 2013. Additionally, she finished a one-year program at “Anglo-American University” in Prague, where she interned on Bus2Alps’ social media accounts. After that, she interned in sales at “Amsterdam Hospitality” before getting hired at “Dylan’s Candy Bar.”

Career of Stephanie Selter

Following four months of employment at “Dylan’s Candy Bar,” Stephanie began working at “88 Management” as a manager of brand communications. She is the Chief Brand Officer at “88 Management” at the moment. In addition, Stephanie is the CEO of “Selter Media,” a company she co-founded with her well-known sister. “Selter Media” is a group of brand strategists and social influencers that create digital campaigns for their clients. In addition, she is presently pursuing her goal of becoming a fitness model, akin to her sister Jen.

Using Social Media

Stephanie boasts an outstanding figure that she flaunts, earning her thousands of fans on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She has gained more social media following since she is Jen Selter’s sister. With over 235,000 followers, her bikini-filled Instagram feed is highly popular. Since Jen is in the majority of the pictures, it also shows how much she loves her sister. There are currently over 20,000 followers on Stephanie’s Twitter page.

Disagreement of Stephanie Selter

When Stephanie and her sister Jen were traveling on an “American Airlines” aircraft in January 2018, they caused a fuss. One of the flight attendants asked Jen to sit down after she was seen standing inside the plane. She told the attendant she was standing to put on her jacket, but she was still questioned whether she wanted to get off the aircraft. Five police officers became involved in the scenario after Jen sarcastically said “yes.” After then, Jen and Stephanie were both taken from the aircraft. After thereafter, the sisters posted the whole story on social media and regularly discussed the occurrence with their admirers and followers.

Private & Family Life of Stephanie Selter

Jen, Stephanie’s sister, and Stephanie are close. Jen appears in nearly all of her social media posts, and the two are frequently spotted hanging out together. She gives Jen a lot of credit for being the “best sister” anyone could ask for. She shares her sister’s passion for fitness and frequently shares images of her incredible body on social media. She shares a tight bond with Jill Weinstein, her mother. Her mother and sister go to the gym together frequently. In addition to exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, she enjoys watching reality TV. Survivor, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette are a few of her favorite TV programs. Graham, her favorite dog, is frequently featured on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Net worth of Stephanie Selter

The estimated net worth of Stephanie Selter is about $1 million.