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Steven Ogg is a Canadian performer and voice actor best known for portraying ‘Simon’ in the American post-apocalyptic horror television series ‘The Walking Dead,’ created by Frank Darabont. He is also a well-known face among gamers, having portrayed ‘Trevor Philips’ in the 2013 action-adventure video game ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, created by ‘Rockstar Games’. He was interested in acting from an early age and began attending acting classes as a child. During his adolescence, his focus shifted to sports, and he aspired to become a professional athlete. However, an injury shattered this ambition, and he ultimately tried his hand at a variety of jobs, including acting in various theaters. Finally, in the 1999 picture ‘Giving it Up,’ he made his debut as André, a fashion photographer. He subsequently appeared in a variety of popular television shows, including ‘Law & Order,’ ‘Third Watch,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ and ‘Westworld,’ in supporting roles. For his work in the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ the talented actor received the coveted ‘New York Videogame Critics Circle Award for Best Overall Acting in a Game’ award.

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Steven Ogg’s Career

Steven Ogg aspired to be a sportsperson as a kid, but an injury derailed his plans. He then focused more on his acting abilities and performed in a variety of theaters over the years. He moved frequently, residing in places such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Milan, London, and Paris. When he arrived in New York City, he had very little money and no work authorization, so he contacted everyone he knew in the entertainment industry.

He was eventually able to get regular acting roles after years of struggle. Steven Ogg appeared in the television series ‘Law & Order’ as ‘Mark Vee’, ‘Third Watch’ as ‘Shooter’ (Ep. ‘A Hero’s Rest’), ‘Unforgettable’ as ‘Larry Yablonski’ (Ep. ‘Day of the Jackie’), ‘Person of Interest’ as ‘Chuck’ (Ep. ‘Liberty’), ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ as ‘Bat Masterson’ (Ep. ‘Glory Days’), and ‘Better Call Saul’ as ‘Sobchak’ (Ep. ‘Pimento’).

In 2016, he signed on for the part of ‘Simon’ in the American post-apocalyptic horror television series ‘The Walking Dead,’ alongside Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Laurie Holden. He subsequently played the character of ‘Rebus’ in four episodes of ‘Westworld,’ an American science fiction western thriller television series.

He has had a lot of success as a voice performer. In 2013, he dubbed the character ‘Trevor Philips’ in ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ a Rockstar Games action-adventure video game. He was nominated for a number of awards, including the ‘Spike Video Game Award for Best Voice Actor,’ the ‘New York Videogame Critics Circle Award for Best Overall Acting in a Game,’ and the ‘Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game’ for his work on the game.

Steven’s Private Affairs

Steven Ogg was born on November 4, 1973, in Calgary, Canada. He has a son called Bodhi Ogg, with whom he frequently shares videos on social media.

Estimated Net Worth

Steven Ogg is a $2 million net-worth Canadian voice performer and motion capture artist. Steven Ogg was born in the Canadian city of Calgary. He is best recognized for his work on Grand Theft Auto III, a video game released in 2013. He began his job in advertising for the National Film Board of Canada before moving on to the theater.