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Etterbeek, Brussels
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Etterbeek, Brussels

Paul Van Haver is a Belgian musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter better known by his stage moniker Stromae. He started his career at the age of 18 with the rap ensemble “Suspicion,” having been born in Brussels. Eventually, while enrolled in Brussels’ film school, he made the decision to publish his first EP. He released his debut album, “Cheese,” after inking a four-year record contract with “Because Music” and “Kilomaitre.” It performed well in the marketplace, ruling the Belgian Albums Chart and ranking sixth on the French Albums Chart. The sales of his second record, “Racine Carree,” were even higher. It reached its highest point at the top of both the US World Albums list and the French Albums chart. Critics also gave it high marks. Till this point, Stromae has sold more than 8.5 million records globally. He has received numerous honors, including the NRJ Music Award and the MTV Europe Music Award, and has been nominated for five UK Music Video Awards.

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Stromae’s Lifestyle & Career

He started out using the stage name Opmaesatro in 2001 and subsequently switched to Stromae. Together with the rapper J.E.D.I, he started the rap crew subsequently known as “Suspicion.” “Faut qu’t’arretes le rap” is a single and music video they created. He spent some time working in the catering sector as well.

Later, while enrolled in Brussels’ film school, he made the decision to give his musical career his entire attention. His debut EP, “Juste un cerveau un flow, un fond et un mic,” was shortly made available. He also spent some time as an apprentice at the Brussels-based music radio station NRJ. Vincent Verbelen, a music manager, was impressed by his ability. When his debut song, “Alors on dance,” was played on NRJ for the first time, the audience responded favorably.

He signed with Vertigo Records and in 2010 issued his debut album, “Cheese.” There were several top songs on it, including “Peace of Violence,” “Alors on danse,” “Silence,” and “House’llelujah.” The record was at the top of the Belgian Albums Chart and sixth on the French Albums Chart.

In other nations like France, Germany, Canada, and Greece, it also made the list. It received the Best Dance Album prize at the yearly Victoires de la musique ceremony in France. Later, he remixed his popular song “Alors on Danse” with Kanye West and Gilbere Forte.

Even more successful was his second record, “Racine Carree,” released in 2013. It examined topics like isolation from social networks, marital problems, the link between smoking and lung cancer, AIDS, and fatherlessness. The album was a huge success and peaked on several charts, including four in Belgium alone, thanks to hit songs like “Papaoutai” and “Batard.” Additionally, it reached its apex on the Dutch and US World Albums Charts. It was followed by his December 2015 publication of the video album “Racine Carree Live.” Additionally, it led to several charts.

Stromaae’s Individual Existence

On March 12, 1985, Paul Van Haver was born in Brussels, Belgium. While his father was from Rwanda, his mother is from Belgium. His mother raised him and his brothers because his father perished during the Rwandan Genocide. He went to a Jesuit Roman Catholic institution.

He chose to seek a career in music because he did poorly in academics. Both Congolese music and Belgian New Beat music have a big influence on his sound. Since 2015, he has been wed to Coralie Barbier. On December 12 in Mechelen, Belgium, they exchanged vows in a private wedding.

Estimated Net Worth

A singer, composer, rapper, and producer from Belgium with a $5 million fortune, Stromae. Hip-hop and electronic music are combined in Stromae’s music, and he is best known for his #1 song “Alors on danse.”