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Suede Brooks is enjoying the life of a dream! Her life has transformed for the better as a result of what first served as a coping strategy to deal with bullying. She is not only a well-known YouTuber at the age of 15, but she is also a future model. Although it may seem almost unbelievable, most people who know her personally don’t find it surprising that she went from being an aspirational little girl growing up in the Nevada suburbs to becoming a starlet sweeping Los Angeles by storm. For Brooks has always possessed the trait that makes her ilk unique—the capacity to steal the show without even trying.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Everything started in 2013 with the launch of Suede Brooks’ fashion and beauty advice YouTube channel. Here, there is a fascinating backstory. Suede was routinely harassed by her classmates in middle school to the point where her parents eventually had to take legal action to protect their daughter. Depressed, she gave up cheerleading and switched to online learning, which surprisingly gave the adolescent new opportunities. After perusing several YouTube channels that are solely dedicated to fashion, Brooks realized she had a talent for it and quickly launched her own channel.

The channel, which was primarily devoted to fashion advice and makeup lessons, quickly rose to fame. As soon as Suede Brooks recognized the potential of her newfound notoriety, she contacted STX, an entertainment business that specializes in talent management, in an effort to transform her hobby into a career. The youngster hasn’t looked back since that point.

Why Suede Brooks Is So Unique

Suede Brooks is no stranger to the world of glitz and glamour, despite the fact that her transition from a well-liked vlogger to a potential model is a relatively recent one. In fact, she created her first advertising campaign for the famed clothing retailer H&M when she was just eight years old. Brooks has always been attracted by the fashion industry, but the majority of her peers are interested in sports or cheerleading. And Brooks had the wonderful fortune to have the bravery of her convictions and plenty of opportunity to support them, whereas most individuals (are compelled to) give up on their early goals.

“I’ve always wanted to launch my own clothes company. She confides, “I’m trying to call it Suede. It’s not at all unrealistic given how her modeling career is progressing. She describes her distinctive sense of fashion as edgy, chic, and feminine. Can anyone guess which garment in her closet she cannot live without?

She grins and says, “A jean jacket.”

Past Fame of Suede Brooks

Most of Suede Brooks’ admirers (and critics, by the way) are aware of her vibrant, if not slightly raunchy personality thanks to her Tumblr blog and YouTube channel. It is therefore not surprising that her private life has been the focus of intense and ongoing rumors. In March 2016, when Brooks was seen in LA with Niall Horan of 1D, rumors began to fly. Naturally, the news infuriated a lot of 1D fans, and many turned to social media to criticize Horan’s “supposed girlfriend.”

Brooks wasn’t amused to find herself the victim of yet another round of bullying. She promptly debunked the rumor that she was seeing Horan on Twitter after venting her frustration at the unfounded questions about her personal life. Even while the uproar has subsided, she will still need to learn how to deal with it—or, even better, how to ignore it—as she moves on because, as the overused but true saying goes, celebrity has its costs.

Behind the Scenes

The family has been Suede Brooks’ greatest source of support as she pursued her goals. Her parents, who have been running a salon in Las Vegas for the past 23 years, have not only been encouraging but have also taken an active part in helping her develop her business. Her sister India is a devoted blogger, while her brother Blaze works as a graphic designer.

Suede Brooks is currently giving her modeling business all of her focus, time, and effort. She is a client of “No Ties Management,” and her hectic schedule has prevented her from vlogging for some time.

I’m going to start modeling now. Since I’m concentrating on modeling, I haven’t really been doing YouTube for the previous two months. While I don’t want to lose my following, I also don’t want to become known as “that 14-year-old YouTuber that blew up.” They are important to me, adds Brooks. It’s clear that Brooks has her sights set on the top of the fashion business, and given how determined, focused, compassionate, and intelligent she is, her ascent to supermodel status may be more than just a foregone conclusion. It’s a given, actually.

Suede Brooks’s Net Worth

Suede Brooks’ projected net worth as of August 2023 is $1.5 Million.


Diva Studio Salon is owned by Brooks’ parents.