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Seoul, South Korea

Suho is the stage name of Kim Jun-myeon, a South Korean singer, model, and actor. Suho translates as ‘Guardian’ in Korean. Additionally, he is referred to as ‘Sunnouncer’ (Suho+Announcer), ‘Esuhort’ (Suho+Escort), ‘Leader’, and ‘Jun Ma Hao’. He is a member and lead singer of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO-K, which is based in Seoul. He’d had a big dream of becoming famous as a singer since he was in elementary school, and his dream came true when a casting manager discovered him. From there, a breathtaking journey to stardom began, and he quickly became one of the most popular faces in South Korea’s entertainment industry. He has appeared in films such as ‘One Way Trip’ and Korean dramas such as ‘The Universe’s Star’, ‘Prime Minister & I,’ and others. He stated that if he were not a member of EXO, he would have become a teacher. While he is extremely romantic, he is quite traditional in his views on marriage. He enjoys passionate dates and is extremely selective about his ideal woman. Suho is a polite and kind person who enjoys funk rock and hobbies such as cycling and golf.

Childhood & Adolescence

Suho was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 22, 1991. He is his parents’ second child and has a four-year-old brother. Jin Jun Mian is his Chinese given name.

He served as class president in elementary school and was elected vice-chairman of his high school’s student body. He was academically gifted and a graduate of Whimoon High School.

Suho was discovered through street casting by a member of the S.M. Entertainment casting crew. In 2006, as a teenager, he began his career with S.M. Entertainment as a trainee. He and Minho of the South Korean boy band SHINee traveled to China during that time to study the Mandarin language.

He appeared as a cameo in ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys,’ a 2007 Super Junior (a South Korean boy band) film. In 2008, he appeared briefly in TVXQ’s music video for ‘HaHaHa Song’ alongside fellow EXO members Xiumin, Chanyeol, and Kai.

He enrolled in 2009 at the Korean National University of Arts and dropped out in 2011. He then enrolled in arts and culture classes at Kyung Hee Cyber University alongside two other EXO members.

Career of Suho

Suho was introduced as the band EXO’s tenth official member in February 2012. EXO is a South Korean all-boy band that was formed by S.M. Entertainment in April 2012.

He starred in ‘Saving Santa,’ a 2013 Christmas animated film. He dubbed for the film’s lead character, Bernard, and collaborated on the soundtrack with artists such as Shin Dong-Yeob and Jung Eunji of South Korean girl group A-Pink.

In February 2014, he co-hosted a music show called ‘Inkigayo’ on SBS with band member Baekhyun, singer Kwanghee, and actress Lee Yu-bi. In January 2015, he appeared in ‘School OZ’ as Hans alongside other actors managed by S.M. Entertainment. In April of that year, he starred in the KBS show ‘Fluttering India,’ in which he traveled through India with the rest of the cast.

Suho was announced as one of the two leads in the upcoming South Korean-Chinese web drama series ‘How Are You Bread’ in April 2016.

He collaborated with artists such as Kassy, Leeteuk, and Cho Young-soo for the song ‘My Hero’ on S.M. Entertainment’s music project ‘Station’ in June 2016. In July, he collaborated with EXO band member Chen on the title soundtrack for the Chinese film ‘Beautiful Accident.’

Suho and pianist Song Young-joo collaborated on the February 2017 single ‘Curtain.’ He is also a co-star with Xiumin in Mountain TV’s documentary ‘Korea From Above,’ which was announced on 29 March 2017.

Significant Works of Suho

Suho’s film ‘One Way Trip’ had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival’s 20th edition. At the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, he was nominated in the category “Most Popular Actor (Film).”

In January 2017, he starred in the lead role and sang the original soundtrack for ‘The Universe’s Star,’ a part of MBC’s ‘Three Color Fantasy’ drama trilogy.

Awards and Accomplishments

Suho has won numerous awards as a member of the band EXO, including the Asia Artist Daesang Award (Singer) in 2016. Among the band’s additional accolades are the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Asian Style and the Japan Gold Disc Award for New Artist of the Year (Asian).

Private Life Suho

Suho once stated that his ideal girl should have long hair, be energetic, and possess a sense of humor. Additionally, he wishes for his future partner to have literary interests and a passion for reading. He was rumored to have been dating a girl for two years prior to joining S.M. Entertainment.

He is extremely close with EXO member Sehun, whom he has known for approximately nine years. They previously shared a room.

He dated Jenny Kim, who was a trainee at S.M. Entertainment at the time. Following the announcement of their relationship, her personal information was leaked on social media. He was also said to be close friends with actress Lim Ji Yeon.

He is in favor of arranged marriages and believes that one must be extremely committed to marriage in order for it to work. He prefers to be alone on dates and prefers light-hearted conversation. As a passionate romantic, he enjoys going on rainy day dates.

Suho dislikes DSLR cameras because they capture minute details such as pimples on the face! He is not a fan of horror films and frequently cracks jokes.

He idolizes his Super Junior and DBSK Hyungs and is widely regarded as the best communicator among all EXO members.

His favorite film is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ His most memorable gift is an electric piano that his parents gave him upon graduating from high school.

Estimated Net Worth

Suho is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Though he is the leader of EXO, it has been revealed that he is not the group’s wealthiest member.