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Eugene, Oregon

Popular American YouTuber Summer McKeen is recognized for her channels Summer McKeen and Summer McKeen Vlogs. She became well-known as a beauty expert by regularly posting videos on makeup and fashion to her YouTube channel. Summer McKeen is one of a sizable number of YouTubers who post videos on fashion and beauty, and she has established herself in the crowded field of online beauty gurus. She has a significant influence on the young people who watch her makeup tutorial videos and want to imitate her. She made her first foray into the online world in 2010 with Summer McKeen Vlogs, and in 2012 she launched her primary channel. She started a Twitter account in December 2012, where she now has 86 thousand followers, and she has 752 thousand Instagram followers. She has everything on her channel, including videos on general topics, skincare, hair care, and makeup tutorials. Her “girly things”-related videos have a huge following. In addition, Summer McKeen can be seen in the well-liked web series “Afterschooled,” which also features actors like Hayley LeBlanc and Jenna Davis.

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Become a Star

Summer McKeen explained in an interview how she was motivated to launch her quickly successful YouTube channel. She has enjoyed creating quick videos on her computer for fun since she was a young child. She naturally gravitates toward fashion and beauty. On July 4, 2012, she started her YouTube channel Summer McKeen and began posting videos about her interests. She had originally given the channel the name “Lookyheregirl,” taken from a Bruno Mars song’s lyrics. She eventually gave it her own name. As of May 2018, this station had 1.3 million subscribers and 75 million viewers.

On April 5, 2010, she launched Summer McKeen Vlogs, her other YouTube channel. As of May 2018, it had 335 thousand subscribers and 11 million viewers. The “Natural Drugstore Makeup Tutorial for School,” “High School Makeup,” “Get Ready With Me,” and “What I Eat in a Day & Workout with Me” are some of her most watched videos. Additionally, Summer McKeen has collaborated with the Style Haul YouTube channel.

She is open about her personal life and engages with her followers and fans quite frequently. She wants her followers to learn more about her and become active in her life. She even includes her boyfriend in a few of her videos because she enjoys sharing small details from her daily life with her followers.

Individual Life of Summer McKeen

In Eugene, Oregon, Summer McKeen was born on May 12, 1999. Her sisters are Brie and Madison. She had a passion for acting since she was young and desired to work in the industry. Her ambition was to succeed in Hollywood.

She is currently dating fellow social media star Dylan Jordan, who co-starred in the online series “Afterschooled” with her. Additionally, he appeared in a few of her YouTube videos, including the wildly famous “Boyfriend Tag,” which was uploaded on January 29, 2017. Models Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are two of her biggest influences.

Summer McKeen’s 2023 net worth

Summer McKeen is an American YouTuber from Oregon who manages her own channel with the same name.

Similar to this, she prospered from her content, which primarily consists of makeup and fashion videos. Her estimated net worth is therefore $350,000. She also has a good source of income and leads a happy life.