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In addition to being an actor and model, Summer Rae was a former professional wrestler and football player for the United States. She was raised in South Carolina after being born in New York. The real name of Summer is Danielle Moinet. She began her professional football career by representing Chicago Bliss in the “Lingerie Football League” (LFL). She chose the ring name “Summer Rae” and got her first professional contract with the “World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.” (WWE) in 2011. She began working for “Florida Championship Wrestling” (FCW) as a ring commentator before being elevated to general manager. She first gained attention in January 2013 when, during a “WWE NXT” episode, she attacked Paige, another female wrestler. Since then, Summer has developed a villainous attitude, and both her fans and her wrestling competitors regard her as a notorious character. She has additionally appeared in “Total Divas'” second and third seasons. In the 2015 movie “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” she again had a supporting part. She has had a mediocre amount of success in the “WWE” and has constantly appeared in games featuring the organization, from “WWE 2k14” through its current events.

Early Childhood & Life

On November 28, 1983, Danielle Louise Moinet, the daughter of a French father and a British mother, was born in New York. She was her family’s first kid to be born in the US. Her family relocated to North Carolina for improved employment prospects not long after she was born.

She has always been interested in sports and fitness, so she began going to the gym at a young age and kept up with it throughout high school. She was the first member of her family to attend college when she enrolled at “East Carolina University.” She started working at a desk for a small business after graduating from college. She quickly came to the conclusion that she couldn’t sit in front of a computer for more than 50 hours a week and made the decision to leave her position.

She chose a place at random, which just so happened to be Chicago, and moved there after deciding to leave her work. She first struggled with financial issues and loneliness brought on by the fact that she didn’t know anyone there. She began to adjust to it somehow and made an attempt to try her luck in the modeling business.

In the end, she was chosen to play football in 2008 for the Chicago Bliss squad of the LFL. Later on, she was named team captain, and in June 2011, she participated in the LFL All-Star Game in Ontario, Canada. She played in one more football game before quitting the sport.

Since she was a little girl, she had been a devoted wrestling fan. She would frequently become preoccupied with football after relocating to Chicago, but she would never miss a “WWE” telecast. She heard that a few “WWE” superstars were scheduled to attend the “Chicago Wizard World Expo,” where she worked. The wrestling legend Triple H and the talent director agreed to meet with her. She got a call regarding an offer a month later.

Career of Summer Rae

She disclosed in November 2011 that she had secured a deal with “WWE,” and she was subsequently given a position with “FCW.” She made her television debut on “FCW TV” in December alongside wrestler Abraham Washington. She was employed by “FCW” for a few months as a ring announcer. She soon received a job offer to become the general manager of “FCW.”

She had already had a subtly competitive relationship with Paige, a female wrestler, by that point, and their conflict escalated in January 2013 when she assaulted Paige from behind. She defended her actions by claiming that Paige didn’t deserve to be as well-liked as she was. On May 1, they engaged in an official battle on “NXT,” with Paige handily defeating Rae.

Rae then made an effort to win the “NXT Women’s Championship,” and after winning her first several matches against very formidable opponents, she was defeated by Emma in the semi-final. After the contest, she assaulted Emma from behind because she was angry about losing, which sparked a vicious feud between the two female wrestlers.

The new champion was chosen in a dance-off between Emma and Rae, and Emma came out on top. Rae, however, hurt Emma during the “storyline” and challenged Paige. Paige defeated Rae on August 14 of that year, successfully defending her title as the “NXT Women’s Champion.” After that, Rae became friends with Sasha Banks and used her for her own aims by manipulating her. In October, the pair worked together to take on Emma and Paige in the ring and prevailed.

Rae vanished from the professional wrestling scene for the following few months. In June of the following year, she made a comeback, continuing her evil legacy. She started a fight with Paige and Emma once more, but this time she was alone herself because her former pals Charlotte and Sasha Banks had cut ties with her.

As Fandango’s dancing partner on “Raw,” she made her “WWE” main roster debut in April 2013. A dance-off between Summer and Fandango and Chris Jericho and professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska was interrupted when Rae injured her ankle. Fandango then sneaked up on Jericho and attacked. Later, Rae acknowledged that she had pretended to be hurt in order to give Fandango an opportunity to strike Jericho.

She made an appearance on “Smackdown” in October, getting into a fight with Natalya during a contest between The Great Khali and Fandango. After that, a mixed tag-team match took place at “Hell in a Cell,” where Rae and Fandango’s team won.

She made her “Wrestlemania debut” in a “14-Diva” “Vickie Guerrero Invitational Match” in April 2014. At the conclusion of the contest, the defending champion, AJ Lee, was declared the winner. The following month, Fandango made it known that Rae was no longer his dance partner in a formal statement. This was a planned action to buy Rae ample time to complete the filming of The Marine 4: Moving Target, her directorial debut.

She assaulted Fandango in June 2014 because she was upset with him for letting her go as his dancing partner as he served as the match’s referee. She became embroiled in several scandals over the course of the next several years, including her romance with Rusev and her conflict with The Miz. On live TV, she made a proposal to Rusev, but he declined. After thereafter, she made an appearance as Tyler Breeze’s manager and referred to him as her “new man.”

Later, she appeared frequently in the ring and came up short frequently. She eventually ceased to be important. In October 2017, her contract was terminated.
Since 2014, she has appeared in five authorized “WWE” video games.

Individual Life of Summer Rae

Summer Rae has made it clear that her role on “WWE” is the only one she plays; in reality, she is quite a different person. She is shown in the program as a cruel and evil woman.

In her spare time, she donates her time to the charity run by her family, “The Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation.” It is a nonprofit organization that supports North Carolina kids who have serious medical conditions.

She has had romances with Rusev and Tyler Breeze, two other wrestlers. Rusev and she were engaged, but she finally ended their relationship.

Summer Rae’s Net Worth

Summer Rae’s net worth is $3 million. She is an American professional wrestler, model, actor, and valet. In November 1983, Summer Rae was born in Manhasset, New York. From 2008 through 2011, Summer participated in the Chicago Bill of the Legends Football League as a professional football player. In 2011, she participated in the LFL All-Star Game as her team’s captain. She began her career in Florida Championships Wrestling, a developmental territory, after signing a contract with the WWE in 2011. She managed, announced matches, wrestled, and served as FCW General Manager during that period. In 2012, she started working as a ring announcer for WWE NXT, and in 2013, she made her NXT wrestling debut. Later that year, as Fandango’s dancing partner, she made her WWE debut. In 2014, she and Layla would go on to become The Slayers. Summer Rae started appearing as a featured cast member on the E! reality series Total Divas in March 2014. She co-starred with The Miz in the 2015 movie The Marine 4: Moving Target.