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Atlanta, Georgia

American singer Summer Boissiere, better known online as Summerella, is well-known on social media. She rose to fame on the six-second comedy platform called “Vine” thanks to her comedic abilities. She steadily rose to fame on other websites, such as Twitter and Instagram, where she now has 2 million and 241,000 followers, respectively. She has amassed a sizable number of likes on her Facebook page and is dominating YouTube with her channel, Summerella, which has 447,000 subscribers. She has used these social media platforms to showcase both her singing talent as well as her humorous side in order to entertain her fans. She has appeared on the US Billboard Hot 100 R&B genre and her singles have reached the top 20 list on iTunes.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

After completing high school, she spent most of her summer online. In 2013, she first started her ‘Vine’ account. However, she didn’t post many “six-second” assignments until later that year. Within a span of two years, she was a bustling star with an enormous 1.5 million followers which accumulated over a billion views on other sites as well.

Ever since she launched her ‘YouTube’ account, she has posted various videos on challenges, cosmetics and style routines, cuisine, her own singles, and other creative films. There’s nothing that Summer can’t excel at! In fact, her single ‘11 Something’ placed 18th on ‘iTunes’ and even went on to earn the number 24 position on the ‘US Billboard R&B’ music chart. Initially, she was worried about disclosing her talent in music and composition, but once she did there was no holding her back, and she pays all credit to her fans. Her videos on ‘YouTube’ have gathered more than 13 million views. What Makes Summerella So SpecialShe is best defined as “humility at its peak”, even though she has earned herself quite a name, she dislikes her followers being dubbed ‘fans’, rather, she chooses to call them “fam”– like a part of her family. She is confident and likes to make her videos amusing and at the same time gets serious when it comes to singing. Thus, she balances her personality on social media. Needless to say, she guides young and inexperienced ‘YouTubers’ and ‘Viners’ to ignore unfavorable comments and believes it’s only when a person begins to prosper, and do something more productive with their lives, then they start amassing negative reviews and criticism. Summerella argues that in order to be a hit on social media, people shouldn’t put on a façade and must express their actual selves.

Beyond Fame

She loves looking smart and setting new trends and has a liking for roses. At the same time, she is a foodie and loves indulging in many types of cuisines; she never sacrifices food and is a major music enthusiast, which is clear from her vocal range. She loves her family and strives to make her mother proud, and is also equally fond of her sister. She shared multiple images on ‘Instagram’ when her sister conceived a baby girl and was impatiently expecting her niece’s arrival.

Behind The Scenes

Summer Boissiere was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1995 and she is of African-American ancestry. She often refers to her mother as her pillar. She grew up alongside two brothers and her elder sister, Paisli, who is a model. She didn’t aim on establishing a career in social media and utilized it as a platform to release her own tracks, but as she gained fame she went along with the trend and managed to make a name for herself. She keeps most of her personal life away from the media and isn’t rumored to be dating anyone at the time. She claimed in one of her videos that she is presently aiming to consolidate her career in the music industry, which occupies most of her time.

Summerella Net Worth

Summerella is one of the wealthiest and most well-known Instagram stars. Summerella’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.