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American graphic designer and illustrator Susan Schneider Williams. She is actor and comedian Robin Williams’ third wife and widow. Schneider, a native of California, has always had artistic talent. She started off studying graphic design at the University of California before transferring to the California College of Arts, where she earned a bachelor’s in arts. Prior to founding her own design company, Critical Eye Design, in 1997, Schneider worked as a freelance graphic designer in and around her home county after receiving her degree. She also began experimenting with various types of art during this time, but her first show was not until 2006. She may have first met Williams in 2008, and they subsequently got married in 2011. After Williams passed away in 2014, Schneider and his three children engaged in a contentious court dispute over his estate. In 2015, the dispute was ultimately resolved outside of court.

Early Years of Susan Schneider

On January 24, 1964, Schneider was born in Marin County, California. About her family and youth, little is known. She completed her secondary school education in the area before enrolling at the University of California to pursue a degree in graphic design. She later changed schools, though, and earned her bachelor’s in arts at the California College of Arts.

Career of Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider began working as a freelance graphic artist after graduating. Over the course of the following eight years, she would work for a number of graphic design companies. She established Critical Eye Design in 1997, her own graphic design company that specializes mostly in logo and brand development work.

She started her business and started working on other kinds of art at the same time. She held her debut exhibition in 2006. It garnered favorable reviews, which inspired her to give her art more attention than her graphic design work. She acquired enough artistic credibility by 2010 that she could afford to give up her work as a designer.

She has had seven solo exhibits and seven group exhibitions of her work as of 2018. Additionally, she has judged five shows and curated eleven. She taught private art courses in 2012. She received an invitation to give a guest lecture at Marin Catholic High School’s session on pricing your artwork in Kentfield, California, a year later. She came back to Kentfield in 2016 and 2017 to provide a guest lecture at the course on art show preparation. She primarily paints landscapes because the natural beauty of her hometown had a big impact on her.

Widowhood, marriage, and legal conflict

Schneider had been married to businessman Richard Armusewicz before she started seeing Williams. They got married in the 1980s and are parents to two kids. But in 2001, they got divorced.
Williams and Schneider first met in late 2008, before Williams underwent heart surgery in March 2009. Later, at his California home, she assisted him in getting better. They dated for the following two years before getting married on October 22, 2011, in St. Helena, California, in a grandiose wedding.

For three years, they were wed. Williams died of “asphyxia” according to his autopsy report on August 11, 2014. Additionally, it revealed that he had been experiencing “a recent increase in paranoia”. His brain tissues were examined, and it was discovered that he might have “diffuse Lewy body dementia.” Schneider claimed that her late husband’s sickness was like “a terrorist” within his brain. His corpse was cremated in accordance with his desires, and his ashes were afterwards scattered in San Francisco Bay.

Schneider filed a lawsuit against Zachary, Zelda, and Cody Williams’ three children in December 2014, after her husband passed away, saying that she was not receiving enough money to keep up the home she shared with Williams. As the case developed, it included additional things that formerly belonged to Williams, such as his trophies, watches, and bicycles.

Williams’ stepchildren said that Schneider was “adding insult to a terrible injury” by trying to change the trust, while Schneider insisted that she was only trying to carry out her late husband’s desires. Ultimately, an out-of-court settlement was reached, and Schneider was given “a few emotional items she requested, such as their wedding gifts, carefully chosen clothing items, a watch Williams frequently wore, plus the bike they bought together on their honeymoon.”

The majority of the things that Zachary, Zelda, and Cody had first wanted were eventually given to them, including their father’s enormous watch and bicycle collections, as well as his honors and medals, such as the Oscar he won for “Good Will Hunting.” Additionally, a minor portion of his $100 million fortune went to his widow. In the statement she issued later, she did so seeming happy, adding, “I feel like Robin’s voice has been heard and I can finally grieve in the home we shared together.”

The filmmakers of the 2009 documentary “Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction” extended a special thank you to Trivia Schneider.

Net worth of Susan Schneider

The estimated net worth of Susan Schneider is about $1 million.