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American animator, cartoonist, and YouTuber Suzy Berhow are most known for her role in the Let’s Play webseries ‘Game Grumps’. She rose to prominence with her YouTube channel, “Mortem3r.” Mortem 3r is Suzy’s major YouTube channel, where she routinely uploads videos on a variety of genres and informs viewers about fashion-related events. However, the first YouTube channel she uploaded was titled “Meeperfish” and included cartoons she had made, voiced by her husband Arin. Danny, Ross, Jon, and Oney, among others, bring the cartoons to life with their vocalizations. They are internet personalities that were instrumental in helping her husband, Arin Hansom, and his business partner, Jon Jafari, to launch ‘Game Grumps,’ a ‘Let’s Play’ (web-based scripted video series) web series. The next YouTube channel started by Suzy Berhow was KittyKatGaming. It is linked with Game Grumps and mostly features a variety of games in which she excels. Suzy Berhow began her professional career as a model and spent two years in the fashion sector. She befriended the animator Arin Hanson at an animation convention, and after a relationship that lasted nearly eleven years, they wed.

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Suzy Berhow’s Career

Five years before launching ‘Mortem3r,’ Suzy Berhow launched the YouTube channel ‘Meeperfish’ in 2007. The YouTube channel ‘Meeperfish’ entertains users with cartoon and animation-themed clips. She develops the cartoon characters, while her husband, Arin, gives their phonation.

Occasionally, she, EI-Cid, Jaxamoto, Oney, Danny, and Ross also provide voiceovers. Since the last video on the channel was released in March 2013, there is a good chance that Suzy has put her cartoon-making duties on hold.

She launched her YouTube channel ‘Mortem3r’ in 2012, where she primarily posts videos about makeup and fashion. The station gained immense popularity.

In 2015, she launched her third YouTube channel, KittyKatGaming. KittyKatGaming is a continuously updated gaming channel that features DIY videogames, cosmetics instructions, and cosplays.

Suzy Berhow contributes significantly to the ‘Let’s Play’ web video series channel ‘Game Grumps,’ which was developed by Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari. She occasionally assists the Game Grump team throughout the video creation and recording processes. She appeared in “Gotta Poo” by Arin alongside Mimi and Barry and made her voiceover debut in “Pay Your Workers.”

She had her debut appearance as a gamer in the internet video series Mario Party for Steam Rolled, alongside Arin, Ross, and Barry. She has succeeded Leigh Daniel Avidan, known as Danny Sexbang of the band Ninja Sexbang, as a regular player on ‘Mario Party for Steam Rolled’ episodes.

Suzy appeared alongside Arin in two Valentine’s Day-themed episodes of ‘Date Grumps’ on Game Grumps in 2014. ‘The Lion King’ was one of the episodes, while ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo’ was the other. A picture of Berhow was uploaded to the popular Internet photo-sharing application Instagram alongside a note describing her participation in a Game Grump channel fan show.

Suzy’s Personal Facts

Suzy Berhow was born in Orlando, Florida on July 3, 1989, and has five older brothers and sisters. She graduated from an Orlando high school. She began dating the animator Arin Hanson in 2002, and they wed on 24 October 2013 after eleven years of dating.

Estimated Net Worth

Suzy is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Suzy Berhow has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.