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American rapper Swipey is best known for creating viral songs like “Dirty” and “Best Friend.” At a very early age, shortly after his album “Sorry Not Sorry” was released, he was shot and killed. For the independent record company “Men of Principles,” Swipey was a well-known recording artist. Along with working with musicians like Lil Durk and Shy Glizzy, Swipey was a member of a rap crew known as “Squad Boys.” He had thousands of fans on social media, which further demonstrated his popularity. Swipey’s Twitter profile had more than 11,000 followers before he was shot, whereas his Instagram account has more than 55,000 followers.

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Early Youth & Life

On November 24, 1997, Douglas Brooks gave birth to Swipey. His mother, Freda, raised him, and he had a challenging childhood due to his parent’s separation when he was still quite small.

Swipey was an exceptionally smart and talented pupil. His early years were spent in Maryland. He achieved academic success in secondary school and received a scholarship to “Morgan State University.”
His relative was a dedicated rapper, so music was a big part of his childhood. Swipey was introduced to rap very early in life because his stepfather used to rap as well.

Career of Swipey

Swipey launched his job shortly after receiving his high school diploma. He joined the band “Squad Boyz” before agreeing to a deal with the independent company “Men of Principles.”

Kevin Baldwin, the CEO of “Men of Principles,” took over as his manager, and Swipey’s singing career got off to a good start. His singles “Dirty” and “Best Friend” got viral on the internet, making him well-known as a rapper in Washington, D.C.

As his tracks began receiving thousands of views on popular social media sites like YouTube, Swipey then rose to fame online. Due to his popularity, Swipey has shared the stage with artists like Fat Joe and Wale.
Later, he joined artists like Lil Durk and Shy Glizzy on tour. Additionally, he included Jazze Pha, a producer, in his single “Money MoneyMoney.” He published his album “Sorry Not Sorry” on July 16, 2016, through the “Men of Principles” label.
Swipey was well-known on Twitter and used to update his Instagram account with pictures and videos.

Individual life and death

Swipey was a friendly and outgoing person who had many acquaintances. He was a frequent party animal who also admitted to using weed. He shared numerous images and videos of himself and his pals smoking marijuana on his Instagram account.

Kevin Baldwin, Swipey’s publicist, claimed that the two had a troubled romance. In reality, he had a contentious argument with the young woman in question just before he passed away. He wasn’t romantically involved with the female at the time of his death, though.

Swipey was fatally shot on August 21, 2016, at a home party in Suitland, Maryland. The police inquiry found that he was twice shot in the head at close range. An outpouring of sorrow was witnessed on social media after his manager announced his passing.

Police later verified that Swipey’s ex-girlfriend had nothing to do with the murder, despite the fact that it had occurred immediately after a dispute with a girl. Additionally, they claimed that amateur robbers Diante Brewer and Deshawn Watkins, who were subsequently apprehended by law enforcement, killed Swipey.

It was one of Swipey’s relatives who was throwing the party, and a gang of robbers had intended to storm it. Swipey, who was there with a friend, halted a group of four men who came into the parking lot in a vehicle.
Around one in the morning, Swipey was shot twice in the cranium following a confrontation. In association with the murder of Swipey, Diante Brewer and Deshawn Watkins were apprehended, according to police reports from 2017. They added that the investigation would go on because they needed more witnesses to assist them to catch more suspects.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Swipey is about $1 million.