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Sydney Herz is an American gymnast, social media star, and aspiring singer. Her online alias is Sydnastical. With over 216,000 subscribers, her YouTube account “Sydnastical” is where she is most known for the videos she uploads. She shares a range of videos, including instructional, cover songs, challenges, and vlogs. On her YouTube videos, she frequently showcases her twin brother Luke Herz. Sydney has amassed over 679,000 followers on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram, demonstrating her popularity there as well. She presently resides in Baltimore and intends to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry soon. Sydney is also a philanthropist; she donates the money she makes from her YouTube channel once a month. Find out more about Sydney’s early years, professional background in social media, and personal life by reading on.

Childhood & Formative Years

On December 27, 2003, Sydney Herz was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. She and her twin brother Luke grew up in Baltimore. When Sydney was three years old, she enrolled in a gymnastics class. At the age of six, she began participating in competitions at different levels. She began making appearances in television shows and advertisements about the same period. She made an appearance in the 2012 season of the documentary TV show “Panic 911.” Sydney’s gymnastic routine videos were uploaded to Sydney’s YouTube channel by her mother Paula when she was ten years old. After that, Sydney began making frequent appearances in videos, frequently with her brother or pals in tow. At twelve years old, she advanced to “Level 9” gymnastics. She gained notoriety at this time as a YouTuber since, by 2016, her channel had 100,000 subscribers.

Social Media Employment

Sydney became well-known on YouTube two years after starting her channel. Her videos began receiving thousands of views, and she gained 200,000 subscribers in no time at all from her original 100,000. With over 216,000 subscribers and over 20 million views across all of its videos, her channel currently has a large following. “Sydney Gets Braces,” “Sydney Watches Her Favorite Musical.lys,” “Have You Ever,” “Pool Party and Sydney’s Beam Routine,” “Twin Telepathy Challenge,” and “Is It Broken?” are a few of the most popular videos on her channel. She showcased her vocal abilities in 2018 when she shared a song cover of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away.” Sydney is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and (TikTok), among other social media networks. With over 679,000 followers on Instagram, she enjoys enormous popularity. Through her Instagram feed, her admirers and followers may stay up to date on the most recent events in her personal life.

Individual Life of Sydnastical

At her high school, Sydney Herz is presently a Level 10 gymnast. Sydney is a gymnast who adores bars and floors. She claims that on the floor, she can express herself better. She detests dealing with vaults and beams, though. Luke Herz, her twin brother, and she are very close. Luke frequently makes an appearance on her YouTube videos and gives her dating advice when needed. Her parents, Paula and Mike Herz, are also very close to her. On her Instagram posts, Paula and Mike have both made appearances. Sydney is pals with social media celebrity Annie LeBlanc. Sydney has made several appearances on Annie’s well-liked family YouTube channel, “Bratayley.” Sydney records songs and covers while in Los Angeles, where she travels frequently. She wants to record her songs in the future as an aspiring singer and songwriter.

Net worth of Sydnastical

The estimated net worth of Sydnastical is about $1 million.