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Chicago, Illinois

Rapper Darron Rose represents the Glo Gang imprint, which was founded by his cousin, rapper Chief Keef. Tadoe, his stage name, is widely known for him. Tadoe joined Black Disciples when he was very young and came from the troubled South Side of the city of Chicago. His appearance in Chief’s Keef’s song “Bankroll” in 2013 helped him gain notoriety as a rapper. He released his debut mixtape, “Tadoe Thotties Thoinkz & Joints,” a year later. Tadoe was able to establish himself in the music business because to its success. He released his second mixtape, titled “The Golden One,” in 2018. ‘Tadoe Thotties Thoinkz & Joints’ was released under the record company 101 Distribution, where he was initially signed, but ‘The Golden One’ was distributed by DigiGlo. Over the years, Tadoe has been involved in a number of incidents, including claims that he violently abused Cuban Doll, a rapper and model who was once his girlfriend.

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Career of Tadoe

Since the start of Chief Keef’s musical career, Tadoe has been a part of his crew. He worked with Chief Keef on one of his tracks called “Bankroll” in 2013. He was not well known despite his prior involvement in a number of other initiatives. His breakthrough song was “Bankroll.” In August of that same year, he also launched his YouTube channel. As of 2018, he had over five million views and roughly 26,000 subscribers on his channel. There, Tadoe mainly publishes his own music videos.

He released his debut mixtape, “Tadoe Thotties Thoinkz & Joints,” under the record label 101 Distribution on December 16, 2014. It has 16 songs, including “Thotties Thoinkz Joints” featuring Chief Keef, “Pussy,” “Gang In This Bitch” with Capo, “Know How I Rock,” “Battle,” “Off the Molly,” “Poke,” “Ttu,” “Turn Up” featuring Blood Money, “Haircut,” and “Beef” featuring J. Cole. Ballout JusGlo, “Drama,” “Enough,” “Tuesday,” “Back On It” ft. Tray Savage, and “Dea” were all played.

He kept working with Chief Keef and Ballout after establishing himself as a respectable rapper with “Tadoe Thotties Thoinkz & Joints.” He collaborated with Chief Keef and Ballout on the mixtapes “The Best of Glo Worlds” and “The Rise of Glo Gang Empire” respectively in 2015. All of the Glo Gang’s members could be seen on these mixtapes.

On April 22, 2018, he made his ‘The Golden One’ mixtape, his second, available via DigiGlo Records. There are 13 songs on it, including “Cabbage” with Chief Keef, “Sleep,” “In The Spot,” “Freestyle” with Ballout, “Reload,” “Water,” “Go Forrest,” “Play For Keeps,” with DAMEDOT, and “Liver.” Ballout, “P’s,” “Cuffing Me,” and “Go Live” with Ft. ‘Lien’ feat. Chief Keef, Ballout, Fredo Santana, and Chief Keef.
Tadoe sells his own clothing collection on Spreadshirt.

Disputes and scandals

Tadoe, Chief Keef, and other Glo Gang members were detained by the Los Angeles police in January 2017 for storming into the home of rapper Ramsay Tha Great and attacking him with an AK-47. Ramsay Tha Great was detained on charges of pandering and pimping a month later. In November, he was subsequently given a ten-year prison term. The assault accusations against Tadoe, Chief Keef, and others were dropped in April 2018 after a witness in the prior case expressed his refusal to cooperate.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who is located in Brooklyn, and Tadoe were engaged in a feud in May 2018. On May 5, 6ix9ine engaged in an Instagram Live conversation with Cuban Doll, who at the time was dating Tadoe. Tadoe allegedly became enraged by it and started physically abusing Cuban Doll. After being brought to a hospital, she subsequently went on Instagram Live to display her bruises. She claimed that Tadoe frequently conversed with other ladies but took offense when she spoke with other males. In a video that 6ix9ine posted, Tadoe can be heard yelling, “Lose this number. I murder people.

Tadoe and Chief Keef were in New York City in June when Chief Keef allegedly came under gunfire from 6ix9ine’s gang associates. 6ix9ine, though, has refuted any involvement.

Individual Life of Tadoe

Rose was born on July 14, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a low-income household in the notorious South Side neighborhood of Chicago, which is home to some of the country’s most violent neighborhoods today. He and Chief Keef, real name Keith Farrelle Cozart, were both very young when they first got involved with the Black Disciples. The group also included other members of their family. Along with Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples is one of Chicago’s two main street gangs. Tadoe participated in a variety of the gang’s illicit activities and over time advanced to become one of its most powerful members.

Cuban Doll is a rapper and model who Tadoe has dated. In May 2018 they broke up after she accused him of domestic abuse.

Estimated Net Worth of Tadoe

The estimated net worth of Tadoe is around $1 million.