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An English YouTuber named Talisa Tossell posts recipes, how-to videos, reviews, and other content on her channel with the same name. She also maintains a separate YouTube channel called “Talisa Tossell Vlogs” where she posts vlogs about her daily activities. Tossell’s slime-based YouTube channel has amassed more than 851k subscribers and around 187 million views so far. As of April 2018, her vlog channel had more than 21,000 subscribers and about 138,000 views. The British social media star has over 303k followers on Instagram in addition to YouTube. Additionally, she has a respectable Twitter fan base. Tossell is a pretty cool and spunky woman, personally. She enjoys working on creative projects and making films about them. The YouTuber adores spending time with her parents and sister during her free time.

Become a Star

On September 7, 2013, Talisa Tossell launched a YouTube channel with the same name. This channel offers a ton of slime-related videos, including lessons, reviews, recipes, guides, and more. This channel’s two most watched slime tutorials are titled “How To Turn Your Small FAIL Slime Into A Big Batch Of Good Slime! ‘100% HONEST Famous Instagram Slime Shop Review’ and ‘How to Fix Hard Slime’ Unboxing of a well-known US slime package.

Tossell demonstrates how to make a massive batch of slime in the first video, which has had over 7 million views and 76k likes. In the second video, which has received over 4.7 million views and 48 thousand likes, the YouTuber reviews various well-known Instagram slime packages and stores, like glitter. slimes, snoopslimes, and the slime hive.

Additionally, she has some useful videos on her YouTube channel, such as “How To Grow Your Hair OVERNIGHT” and “DIY Open When Letters.” There is just one video on Talisa Tossell’s side channel, “Talisa Tossell Vlogs.” “VLOG 1 / London Vlog + Film Screening / My First Vlog” is the title of this video.

Despite the fact that this channel was established back in 2010, it appears as though Tossell has only recently begun using it. We anticipate seeing more vlogs from the English beauty soon!

Talisa’s Individual Life

On October 14, 1995, Talisa Tossell was born in London, England to a Guyanese mother and an English father. Her sister exists. Speaking of her romantic relationships, the slime enthusiast has kept her admirers in the dark about her relationships. Additionally, there is no information accessible about her family history or educational background.

She runs talisatossell.com, her own website in addition to her YouTube account. She sells her slime guides on her website. The name of her closest pal is Rocio. In one of Tossell’s videos titled “Blindfolded Slime Challenge With My BFF + BLOOPERS,” the latter made an appearance.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Talisa. Our research of Talisa Tossell’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.