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Jackson, Mississippi
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Jackson, Mississippi

Dancer and social media sensation Tamia M. Whittaker is best known for serving as co-captain of the victorious team “Dancing Dolls” on the dance reality series “Bring It!” She also belonged to a different dancing group called “Purple Diamonds.” Following her participation in one of the renowned dance programs, she instantly became a star. She handled her celebrity well and avoided being involved in any scandal, unlike most of her peers, thanks to her modesty. All of her coworkers on the show got along well and were professional. In fact, she gets along well with Camryn Harris, the squad captain. Tamia has a huge fan base and uses social media platforms fairly frequently.

The Renown of Tamia M. Whittaker

Tamia is an incredible dancer, therefore it was only fair that she was given the chance to demonstrate them on the hip-hop face-off-based lifelong dance reality show “Bring It!” She didn’t need much time to win over the judges and the crowd with her precise and rhythmic dancing routines. After a few episodes, Tamia received a promotion and was named the team’s co-captain alongside Camryn Harris. Tamia served as the team’s co-captain from 2015 to 2016.

Tamia joined the “Dancing Dolls” squad when she was ten years old. As soon as she reached the required age to participate, she was offered the chance to join the team after receiving training from the mentors of the squad. ‘Baby Dancing Dolls’ is a subteam of the ‘Dancing Dolls’. Young dancers under the age of 15 make up the sub-team. Tamia also first began out as a member of this sub-team before transitioning to the main group.

Following her alleged argument with the team owner, Tamia made headlines. According to rumors, Tamia was embroiled in a cold war with the team’s owner, captain, and some of the other players. Over the course of the last few episodes of the show, the tension among the dancers was quite noticeable. Later, it was said that the disagreement stemmed from a verbal fight between the “Dancing Dolls” and the dancers on their opposing team. Tamia’s mother offered a different explanation, claiming that her daughter had problems with the show’s producers. Tamia’s mother confirmed that Tamia would be departing the squad due to the fact that the producers had not given her a single penny. Finally, Tamia joined the “Purple Diamonds” squad after leaving her previous team.

Individual Life of Tamia M. Whittaker

In Jackson, Mississippi, Tamia Whittaker was born on January 3, 1999. She graduated with honors from Ridgeland High School where she finished her education. Tamia was incredibly passionate about dancing from an early age. She enrolled in dance classes when she was quite little. She first excelled at Hip-hop, but now she’s working on learning other dance forms.

Tamia is now taking Salsa lessons and intends to start taking Jazz lessons as well. She sees herself as a girl who speaks her mind. She claims that being a member of the television program “Bring It!” changed her life. She will appear in the upcoming season of the program. Which dance team she will join has yet not been made public, though. Tamia recently graduated from high school and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree. She takes her dance career seriously as well, and her upcoming reality program will feature her soon.

Net Worth of Tamia M. Whittaker

The estimated net worth of Tamia M. Whittaker is around $1 million