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Tanner Braungardt kicked off his career on YouTube by uploading videos of himself performing insane stunts on a trampoline, for which he received a lot of positive feedback from fans all around the world. This young man, who is now 16 years old and lives in the Kansas city of Augusta, is credited with making the practice of free-running and trampoline jumping the next trendy activity for adolescents to participate in. Tanner spends most of his time tending to his YouTube channel. It is necessary for it to do so given that it currently has approximately 2.3 million followers and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 fastest-growing YouTube channels in the globe. He is only a hair’s breadth behind Ellen DeGeneres’, which is really saying something! Additionally, he has a substantial following on both Twitter and Instagram, with 150 thousand and 855 thousand followers, respectively. In addition to that, he maintains a website via which he announces his forthcoming events and sells customized apparel and accessories.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Tanner Braungardt began his YouTube career by mostly uploading clips showcasing his impressive gymnastic skills on a trampoline. His specialty appeared to be backflips. He then moved on to further challenges, where he posted recordings of bizarre behaviors in response to his followers’ requests. The well-known young YouTuber seems to have an obsession with controversy. A record 14 million people watched his video in which he jumped into a Coca-Cola bathtub while his buddies dumped packages of Mentos into it.

The number quickly increased to 2 million by January 2017 after reaching 100,000 in May 2016! What a great story! He currently posts personal vlogs practically every day that describe his reflections and daily life, and each video has an average of 750,000 views. He has two cars already at the age of 16, the most recent of which is a Dodge Challenger with red leather seats.

Why Tanner Is So Special?

There are many reasons why Tanner has amassed such a sizable fan base in the short time he has been active on social media. The first is his prankster avatar, which kind of presents him as this incredibly adorable imp who will immediately get your attention. Second, adolescent girls tend to find his tall, slim, and roguishly cute appearance alluring.

They frequently gather outside of Tanner’s home in Augusta, sometimes by the carload, simply to see him. The attention Tanner gives back to his followers is the final factor in his enormous popularity. He considers all of their recommendations and bases his content planning on them. All in all, Tanner’s followers can’t get enough of this incredibly alluring mix!

Tanner’s Past Fame

Although the teenagers find Tanner’s films of him performing amazing jumps and backflips to be beyond cool, their parents undoubtedly don’t feel the same way. especially if they learn that their child is attempting to do the same! They would prefer that their child play computer games in his room than leap over cliffs, overpasses, or the top of a water tower.

Tanner experienced some bullying at school as an adolescent. That was especially true following the publication of his first few videos. His schoolmates teased him continuously and called it lame. He was really bothered by it at the time, but he has since matured and come to terms with the idea that criticism is inevitable and that the best course of action is to ignore it.

Behind The Scenes

Tanner Braungardt is from the Kansas town of Augusta, and he has two brothers, Taylor and Tristan, who both frequently appear in Tanner’s vlogs. When he was four years old, his parents got divorced, and the Braungardt children moved in with their mother. Tanner’s mother Kim is very encouraging of his goals and desires. The household is considering purchasing a home in California.

Tanner just began dating Augusta, Kansas native Paris Anderson. Since then, she has appeared in a few of his videos. Tanner even made a video of the abusive remarks she received on her Instagram account and stated he still gets upset when people criticize him in front of people who are close to him.

Estimated Net Worth

Tanner is among the most successful YouTube stars to come from the United States. Our research, along with that of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, indicates that Tanner Braungardt has a net worth of $5 Million.