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Canton, OH
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Canton, OH

The innovative website “thenakediaries” made internet artist and photographer Taylor Giavasis famous. Taylor motivates individuals all across the world to value and cherish their own bodies. Her website encourages women to post explicit body photographs alongside their personal stories. In 2015, Taylor launched her project, “The Naked Diaries,” and it received the support it deserved. She quickly rose in online fame, which aided in her development as a social media influencer. She presently has more than 89,000 Twitter followers and more than 335,000 Instagram followers. As a fellow social media star with over 9.9 million Instagram followers, Taylor Giavasis is also well-known for her relationship with Nash Grier.

Childhood and Career

In Canton, Ohio, Taylor Giavasis was born on August 10, 1997. She was raised in Ohio, where she came into contact with a girl who had BDD. BDD is characterized as worry about what others may think of one’s appearance. When Taylor decided to take action, she requested the BDD-affected girl to pose for her and took a few pictures of her. To show her that she is gifted with a gorgeous figure was the plan. What will eventually develop into a revolutionary social movement had its beginnings here. Taylor later encouraged individuals to respect their own bodies by using social media. To get people to stop criticizing their bodies, she started uploading graphic photographs of her body online. She began ‘The Naked Diaries,’ a project in 2015 for which she created a website.

People from all around the world are encouraged by the website to share pictures of themselves along with their tales. The major goal of this project is to help women appreciate their bodies’ beauty and complexity. Other people can post their own photos on Taylor’s Instagram profile, which she also keeps updated. There are more than 158,000 people who follow this page.

Instagram presence of Taylor Giavasis

The Twitter feed of Taylor Giavasis is full of motivational sayings and images. She has thousands of followers on Instagram, where she is equally well-liked. Taylor has a second Instagram page for her animals in addition to her main one. Additionally, she runs a YouTube account that was established on July 12, 2014. On her channel with the same name, she publishes random videos.

Individual Life of Taylor Giavasis

At “Paris Fashion Week,” Taylor Giavasis got to know social media star Nash Grier for the first time. In 2015, the two began dating, and they have been together ever since. Nash and Taylor have been seen together at a number of occasions. They were spotted at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards held at Inglewood, California’s “The Forum.” Taylor contributes by supporting and advancing her boyfriend’s profession in whatever manner she can, in addition to offering moral support. When Taylor was spotted wearing a ring in 2016, the duo ignited engagement rumors.

Later, she revealed via a social media post that the ring had in fact been given to her by her mother, Nikki Giavasis, who is also well-known online. Osho Rajneesh, a late Indian spiritual teacher, was a major favorite of Taylor’s. Her Twitter profile encourages her followers to read the self-styled godman’s publications. She and her boyfriend currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

Net Worth of Taylor Giavasis

The estimated net worth of Taylor Giavasis is around $1 million.