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American social media personality Taylor Skeens. She gained millions of fans on the network thanks to her ‘Musical.ly (formerly known as TikTok)’ posts, for which she is best known. Her ‘YouTube’ channel primarily includes videos about her broken marriage, her ex-husband, her romances, and accounts of her being bullied. Taylor frequently shares her passion for beauty and hair color on social media. Taylor was motivated to work as a social media influencer by her younger sister. Taylor thinks that her profession has given her life a new direction and has greatly aided her in overcoming obstacles in life.

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Fame on social media

‘Twitter’ was where Taylor started her social media career in 2011. ‘TikTok’ (now ‘Tik Tok’) was a recently released application at the time. Taylor discovered “TikTok” while looking through the app store on her phone. She downloaded the app but then deleted it because she wasn’t a big fan of it. But eventually, she downloaded “TikTok” once more. Soon she was a busy “muser.” She became incredibly well-known because to the videos she posted on her ‘TikTok’ account, ‘bright.eyesss. Her ‘TikTok’ following has grown to almost two million users. Taylor simultaneously experimented with more social networking sites. Taylor broadcasts live content on her “YouNow” account, “itstaytayxx.” Taylor has amassed more than 166 thousand Instagram followers as a result of her vacation images. About 17,000 people follow her on Twitter.

On January 23, 2013, Taylor created her YouTube channel. She posted the first video on the channel in August 2015. The introductional video provided more information about her to viewers. The track has a collaboration with “Fullscreen Media, Inc,” a global entertainment network that helps ‘YouTube’ content producers with services and advice. Taylor’s channel primarily features challenges, pranks, and skits. She also posts storytime videos in which she discusses her failed marriage and other struggles in life. Taylor frequently talks about her hair-coloring adventures because she enjoys colouring her hair. She enjoys wearing cosmetics and frequently publishes videos of herself doing so. Her videos “Ex Boyfriend Finds Me On Omegle,” “Reacting To Cringey TikToks With Rebecca Zamolo,” “Omegle With Strangers Pt. 2,” “HER PARENTS WALKED IN ON US ON OMEGLE,” and “My Mom Found Out I Smoke” are some of the most well-liked ones. Over 714 thousand people are currently channel subscribers. Taylor went to her first “VidCon” in 2016.

The comedy program “The Hot Take!” on YouTube was hosted by Taylor in 2018.

Taylor cites Holly Branham, her younger sister, as the one who first inspired her to pursue a profession in social media. Taylor was persuaded by Holly to promote her singing talent and attractiveness on social media. She has a clothing line that is sold on her personal online store.

Taylor enjoys being in front of the camera, therefore she wants to be an actor.

Individual Life of Taylor Skeens

Taylor was born in Virginia, United States, on August 31, 1993. She goes by the name Morgan. She has not yet disclosed her middle name, which are two. Taylor was up in Grundy, a rural community in Virginia’s Buchanan County.

Taylor experienced bullying in middle school as a result of her awkward demeanor and thin build. She recorded her encounter on video as well. Taylor previously received a high school expulsion. Later, she attended a community college close by.

When Taylor was still relatively young, she got married. On May 16, 2015, she wed military man Greggory Skeens. The “Vansant Church of Christ” served as the venue for the wedding. A celebration was held at the “Event Center,” which is housed in the former “Southern Smoke” building, after the wedding ceremony. Taylor’s wedding dress was a soft pastel color.

Prior to getting hitched, Taylor and Greggory dated for roughly four years. However, soon after the engagement, things began to deteriorate. She frequently mentions in her storytime videos that she chose to wed young merely out of boredom. Taylor anticipated that she would have a lot of travel opportunities after marriage because Greggory was in the military. But nothing of the sort occurred. She had various restrictions placed on her after marriage by her severe mother-in-law. Within a year, her marriage ended in divorce. Taylor is currently seeing musician Adrian Rosas.

Taylor frequently exhibits her appreciation of hair color. Her hair color is constantly changing. Her favorite color, purple, has been added to her hazel, blonde, and hair coloring. She enjoys shopping for beauty goods because she is a makeup aficionado. Taylor prefers to utilize pale lip colors while concentrating more on her eye makeup. Her favorite attire is tartan shirts.

Taylor enjoys eating chicken, and she particularly like chicken nuggets. She also enjoys sushi, milk, and coffee. She keeps a cat and a dog. She adores the beach. She hopes to travel to Japan one day.

Melanie Martinez has a devoted fan in Taylor. She primarily listens to songs that Melanie has written and sang. “Crybaby” is her all-time favorite song. Taylor occasionally engages in artistic pursuits like poetry writing and sketching.

One of Taylor’s enduring crushes on a celebrity is Johnny Depp. She enjoys watching “American Horror Story” on television. Taylor’s favorite “muser” is Shane Dawson, and Taylor hopes to work with him someday.

Taylor Skeens Net Worth

Taylor is one of the wealthiest American YouTube stars. Our research of Taylor Skeens’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.