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Taytum Fisher is one of the renowned “YouTuber” couple Kyler and Madison’s twins. Taytum and her twin Oakley frequently appear on the vlogs of their family channel. Since their mother created an Instagram page for them shortly after their birth, they have amassed a large following. Taytum has previously appeared in two television series: ‘Days of our Lives’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

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Social Media Renown

Taytum became famous shortly after her birth. Kyler Fisher, her father, is a well-known vlogger who runs a family YouTube channel titled ‘Kyler and Mad.’ Madison, Taytum’s mother, is also a celebrity. She is an actress and co-owner of the YouTube channel ‘Kyler and Mad.’

Taytum was born on June 23, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Her identical twin sister’s name is Oakley. Two days after Taytum and Oakley’s birth, their mother created Instagram accounts for them. Their cuteness quickly dominated the internet. Madison frequently dresses them in adorable attire and arranges photo shoots for their Instagram page. This has allowed Taytum and Oakley to amass a massive social media following. Now, the page has more than two million followers.

Taytum made her acting debut in 2017 when she was cast as ‘Holly’ on the ‘NBC’ daytime soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Holly is the daughter of Nicole Walker’s character. The debut of Taytum was announced by his mother via an Instagram post. In 2012, Madison had a brief appearance on ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Next, Taytum appeared as ‘Grace DiLaurentis-Fields in the final season of the renowned television show ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Oakley portrayed Grace’s identical twin sister, Lily. The characters ‘Lily’ and ‘Grace’ are the daughters of ‘Emily’ and ‘Alison.’

Kyler and Madison maintain a YouTube channel where they vlog about their daily activities. The vlogs also provide insight into the lifestyles of the twins. The channel’s introduction video featured the siblings. The channel is now dedicated exclusively to Taytum and Oakley. Kyler and Madison document the majority of Taytum and Oakley’s lives. Most of the vlogs featuring the brothers have garnered millions of “views.”

Some of them are ‘VERY FIRST VLOG!,’ ‘TAYTUM AND OAKLEY SHOOT WITH JAKE PAUL!,’ ‘A DAY WITH LOGAN PAUL! STICKER BABY (CHALLENGE) VLOG,’ ‘David Dobrik, and Liza Koshy Babysit Taytum and Oakley?! VLOG,’ ‘BABIES DIVE INTO BALL PITHEAD FIRST!!!,’ ‘TAYTUM AND OAKLEY TURN ONE YEAR OLD! (BIRTHDAY PARTY!),’ ‘BABY TWINS SUMMER POOL SPLASH HAPPINESS (CUTENESS OVERLOAD),’ and ‘4-YEAR-OLD EVERLEIGH HUNTS KYLER DOWN WITH ORBEEZ (KID SWAP SUSPENSE).’ The vlog titled ‘DAY WITH 4-YEAR-OLD EVERLEIGH AND SWITCHING KIDS! VLOG’ has earned over 10 million “views” and is the most-viewed vlog on the channel. Taytum and Oakley attended their first ‘VidCon’ in 2017.

Estimated Net Worth

Taytum is one of the United States’ wealthiest Instagram stars. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Taytum Fisher has a $5 million net worth.