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Baltimore, Maryland

The internet and social media have certainly shrunk the world, and it now fits comfortably in our palms. Without our laptops and smartphones, life would be unfathomable. Everyone these days has a social media account, and some of us are even OCD about likes and follows, but there is a new generation of teenagers and tweens who have embraced the internet as their stairway to instant celebrity. Their platforms for showcasing their individual tastes and talents are apps like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and, more recently, Musical.ly (formerly known as TikTok). These internet superstars are not only famous, successful, and popular, but they also make a lot of money from endorsements. Teddy Zois, a 13-year-old who only recently discovered the world of TikTok, is already the new favorite among fellow musers. With his lip sync videos and amazing funky motions, the Baltimore high school student has enthralled his 65,500 viewers.

The Ascension to Stardom

Teddy recorded his first video and uploaded it to his account @iTxddy while tinkering with the TikTok app in his spare time. It didn’t take long for other musers to notice this fair-haired young man. His debut video received over 8000 hearts and over 1000 followers very immediately.

He’s new to the platform, with only 20 videos to his credit, but he’s already built a sizable following, with over 2.57 million hearts for his videos. His followers adore him and want to make duets with him because of his adorable appearance. He frequently reminds his admirers of the pre-fame Justin Beiber, with his purposefully disheveled blond hair and large blue eyes, and they adore it!

Teddy Zois’ Unique Qualities

His TikToks are known for their simplicity. Hip hop and pop are his favorite genres of music. The majority of his videos are taken with his left hand and at attractive angles. His trademark single hand gestures in tune with the song’s lines are what entertain the most, with no outrageous makeups, dazzling special effects, or impossible cuts.

Add in his lovely boy-next-door looks and cute pouty expressions. His videos appear to be both achievable and pleasing to the eye.

The Beyond Notoriety

There aren’t any present controversies around him because there is very little information on him on the internet, other from his social media accounts. There’s also no mention of a girlfriend. Teddy has no official YouTube or Twitter accounts, thus he isn’t very active on social media.

Behind the Scenes

Teddy, according to the internet and his social media accounts, is an all-American adolescent who enjoys sports and hanging out with his buddies. Despite the fact that we do not know his parents’ identities, we do know that they are in charge of his account. Teddy attends Baltimore’s renowned Gilman School and enjoys participating in sports.

Estimated Net worth

Teddy is one of the wealthiest TikTok stars and one of the most popular. Teddy Zois’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.


Music from Childish Gambino and Bryson Tiller can be heard in his TikTok videos.