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Terry Melcher was an American record producer and musician. His most well-known connection to the musical style known as “California Sound” He also had a significant influence on the growth of the folk rock subgenre. Melcher was linked to rock groups such as “The Beach Boys” and “The Byrds.” Melcher was drawn to music since he was a little child since his parents were musicians. Melcher’s musical career began when he became friends with American vocalist Bruce Johnston. “The Rip Chords” are a vocal music ensemble that Melcher and Johnston founded. Later, he made cover versions of the hit songs “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Turn! Turn! Turn!” while working with “The Byrds.” He also put out a couple solo CDs. In addition, he produced the television show “The Doris Day Show,” in which his mother starred. Because of his relationships to the infamous “Manson Family,” he garnered news. Following their early friendship, Melcher and Charles Manson became out of sync. He lived a reclusive existence following his falling out with Charles Manson, terrified that Manson or his crew would attack. Terry Melcher lost his lengthy fight with cancer. His wife, son, and mother all survived him.

Early Life & Childhood of Terry Melcher

Terry Melcher was born in New York City on February 8, 1942, as Terrence Paul Jorden. His mother, Doris Day, was an actress and singer, while his father, Al Jorden, played the trombone. He got his moniker from the protagonist of “Terry and the Pirates,” his all-time favorite comic book.

Melcher was born while Doris Day was still a teenager. Despite Al Jorden’s pressure to have an abortion, she refused to comply with his requests. Melcher was born, and his parents separated not long after. In order to live with his maternal grandmother, Alma, little Melcher was transferred to Ohio. Melcher never maintained ties to his father’s family.

George Weidler was the man Doris Day married after her first divorce. Divorce also resulted from this relationship. Little Terry was adopted by her third husband, Martin Melcher, who also gave him his last name. Terry Melcher was formally born Terrence Jorden. For his early schooling, he went to the “Loomis Chaffee School” in Connecticut. He then went to California’s “Beverly Hills High School.”

Career of Terry Melcher

Terry Melcher began his musical career in the 1960s as part of a duo with American singer Bruce Johnston. The name of it was Bruce & Terry. They created a number of successful songs, including “Summer Means Fun” and “Custom Machine.”

Melcher and Johnston teamed up to form “The Rip Chords,” a different musical ensemble. In the 1960s, it was founded. Melcher produced the group’s debut single, “Here I Stand.” The publication month was December 1962. One of the group’s greatest hits was “Hey Little Cobra.” 1963 saw its release. Melcher sang the song’s main vocals. The song’s highest position on the “Billboard Hot 100” was number 4.

Melcher began working for “Columbia Records” in the middle of the 1960s. He produced multiple hit albums for the rock group “The Byrds” while they were together. “Mr. Tambourine Man,” their debut record, was produced by him. It was a rendition of Bob Dylan’s song “Mr. Tambourine Man.” The album, which was classified as folk rock, peaked at number six on the “Billboard Top LPs” chart.

The Byrds’ album “Turn! Turn! Turn!” was produced by Melcher. In addition to several other well-known charts, it featured Peter Seeger’s folk rock rendition of the original tune, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 list in “The Byrds'” rendition. 1965 saw its release.
Melcher was fired from his producer role after running into some issues with “The Byrds.” Later on, he collaborated with a number of other musical groups, including “The Mamas & the Papas,” “Paul Revere & the Raiders,” and “Gentle Soul.” He collaborated with the Beach Boys on “Pet Sounds,” their platinum album. Melcher provided the album’s background vocals. Melcher was on the “Monterey Pop Foundation” board of directors. The 1967 “Monterey Pop Festival” was produced by him.

Terry Melcher was friends with Charles Manson, a criminal and cult leader who also wanted to be a musician. At first, Melcher was keen to collaborate with Manson on music recordings. Afterwards, after seeing Manson involved in a brawl, he turned down the idea. Melcher and the Manson family fought as a result of this. Melcher was afraid for his life because the Manson family was well-known for having committed multiple murders. He lived in solitude for a number of years.
Melcher produced “Ballad of Easy Rider,” an album that “The Byrds” released in 1969. The comedy “The Doris Day Show,” which aired on the “CBS” network, had him as executive producer. In the series, Melcher’s mother portrayed the lead role.

Melcher was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1988 for penning the song “Kokomo.” The song was recorded by the “Beach Boys” and co-written by Terry Melcher, John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, and Mike Love. It was included in the motion picture “Cocktail.” At the top of the “Billboard Hot 100,” the song peaked. The US awarded it a gold certification.

Personal & Family Life

Terry Melcher had three marriages. Melissa E. Brown was his wife from 1974 till 1977. He subsequently wed Jacqueline Carlin. Ryan is the couple’s son. Terese Edwards was his third spouse.

The final years of Melcher’s life were marked by melanoma. Melcher lost the fight against the deadly sickness after a protracted battle. At home, on November 19, 2004, he passed away. His age was sixty-two. His mother Doris Day, son Ryan, and wife Terese all survived him.

Fact Melcher had a close relationship with his mother. However, because of their extremely close age difference, they were more like siblings than mother and son. His grandmother, Alma, showered him with maternal love.
At first, Melcher had affection for his stepfather, Martin Melcher. He couldn’t wait for his mother to wed Martin. But Martin took charge of financial matters after they were married. He was cruel to little Melcher. It was found that Martin had embezzled $20 million from Doris Day after his death.

Net worth of Terry Melcher

The estimated net worth of Terry Melcher is about $7 million.