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American YouTuber Terry Song is best known for posting reaction videos on his channel, “TerryTV,” platform. His videos generally draw on aspects of American and Korean culture. The videos’ originality and high level of intrigue are its best features. Around 931k people, makeup Song’s YouTube family now, and they have all helped him succeed. Song also has a respectable fan base on other social media sites. He currently has more than 108k followers on Instagram. Also, he has a respectable fan base on Twitter. On a personal level, the American YouTuber considers himself to be a cheerful person. He has a sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh. Since he doesn’t take life too seriously and only wants to enjoy each moment, he doesn’t have any overarching life objectives. Terry Song will undoubtedly reach one million followers soon because of his entertaining and informative videos!

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Become a Star

On December 2, 2011, Terry Song debuted his “TerryTV” YouTube channel. He has since started uploading incredible films on his channel. The channel primarily offers Korean and American cultural reaction videos.

Kids Who Beat the System! (Basically Being Little Savages), “Finally A Trend I Like – Responding to Karma Is A Bitch Challenge,” and, “She Said Ching Chong- Reacting To Woahhvicky’s Ricegum Diss Track” are the most watched videos on Song’s channel. The YouTuber responds to some intriguing themes in these videos, each of which has received over a million views.

Song has so far recorded and uploaded vlogs on his personal life to the channel. It’s also intriguing to watch vlogs like “She Broke My Foot (Gym Fail),” “I Got A Makeover,” “My Racist Experience Teaching English in Korea,” “I Found My Soulmate,” and “Reunited With My Puppy!! (Don’t Cry” A video he once uploaded was captioned “Surprise Anniversary.” He wrote and directed the short film in this video. Speaking of his channel’s popularity, as of April 2018, it had amassed more than 931k subscribers and roughly 126 million views.

Terry’s Individual Life

On October 16, 1991, Terry Song was born in the United States. He had previously lived in Seoul, South Korea, and is half Korean. His sister’s number two. There is no information known about his parents or education. Nonetheless, Song has worked on a few videos alongside his mother and sisters.

The YouTuber also has a few close friends, such as Alex Contreras, another YouTuber with whom he has worked on several videos. About his romantic relationships, Song hasn’t shared a lot of information about them.

Estimated Net Worth

Terry’s net worth is thought to be $452K, and his main source of income is YouTube. Also, he has released 501 videos.