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Zack Mowley, often known as The Traveling Gamer (TTG), is a well-known streamer who broadcasts live streaming of his video game playing skills. His Twitch account, through which he streams his films, amassed over 400,000 followers in a matter of days. Later, TTG established a YouTube channel, which gained over 100,000 followers within the first few months of its inception. He has cooperated with YouTube artists such as JesserTheLazer, TDPresents, and Kristopher London. His channel features some incredible films. TTG is well-known for his groan-inducing and extremely humorous reaction and challenge videos. Some of his challenge videos, including ‘Try Not to Laugh’ and ‘Grin Challenge,’ has garnered over 220,000 views. TTG is a basketball aficionado and has produced videos of basketball-related skills. He has also played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys American football team.

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Gaming & YouTube

TTG began his career on the live-streaming video platform Twitch. Within the first few days of his channel’s inception, his number of followers surpassed 40,000 by a significant margin. His most popular videos were his live stream videos, which were primarily about video games.

TTG swiftly gained notoriety as everything he touched, even his reaction videos, turned to gold. One of the primary reasons for his popularity is that almost all of his videos are humorous. TTG is naturally humorous and adept at making his audience laugh. The appellation ‘The Traveling Gamer’ was given to him because his employment requires him to travel frequently.

He joined YouTube immediately after gaining prominence on Twitch. He began uploading reaction, challenge, and prank films to his YouTube channel. His debut video on the channel detailed what to expect from his subsequent videos. In his second video, titled ‘Light Skin vs the World,’ he addressed a controversial topic. His mere presence made the video entertaining and amusing.

His YouTube videos frequently involve Kris and Jesse, who are also YouTube personalities. Donald Trump’s inaugural address was the subject of TTG’s first YouTube reaction video, which was both contentious and humorous.

As soon as the video was uploaded, his supporters and other viewers flooded the comment section to tell him how absurdly hilarious it was.

In one of his movies, he introduced his dog, which had urinated and defecated throughout their residence. Therefore, TTG produced a video on how to housebreak a pet. His subsequent videos were about basketball. Instead of filming a typical basketball video in which players demonstrate their ball-handling skills, TTG and his roommates played the game while wearing life jackets to add a unique touch.

The next basketball video was superior in terms of its entertainment value. TTG adopted a new regulation requiring players to get an electric shock whenever the opposition scored a point. The video featured the legendary American basketball star LaMelo Ball.

The following series of TTG films focused on challenges. One of the tasks required him to watch humorous videos without laughing. It was difficult for his followers and regular people to watch the videos without smiling or laughing. In his subsequent challenge video, he played the entrance music of WWE fighters, and his housemates were tasked with identifying the fighter.

His Personal Life

Zack Morley was born in Ohio on January 19, 1989. He attended school in Los Angeles, California, after moving there. Zack is a Chino Hills High School graduate. LaMelo Ball, a famous basketball player, and his close friend, also attended the same high school.

TTG enjoys both football and basketball. He has played for both his school club and other prestigious California clubs. TTG enjoys dipping chips and nachos with chipotle sauce. His apartment is shared with Jesse and Kris. Kris’ YouTube account is labeled “Kristopher London,” but Jesse’s is branded “JesserTheLazer.”

They have all appeared in one another’s videos. The nicest thing about the group is that they share with their fans the joy they have in their apartment.

Estimated Net Worth

ZackTTG is one of the wealthiest Twitch Stars and one of the most popular. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, ZackTTG has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.