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Thea Kornum is a popular Danish YouTuber and Instagram user. She first gained notoriety with her Minecraft-themed YouTube channel, Thea & Crainer, where she primarily plays with her lover MrCrainer. She launched her channel in March 2017, and as of March 2018, she had over 860k subscribers and 110 million views despite having only been active for about a year. She routinely uploads vlogs and pranks to their channel, which has 315 videos and a playlist feature, in addition to Minecraft videos. Thea Kornum is also well-liked and has a sizable following on Instagram. The title of her most well-liked practical joke is “Thea Reacts to SSundee’s Diss Tracks Against Crainer!”

Become a Star

Thea Kornum started her journey in March 2017, and in the past 12 months, she has gathered a sizable following on her YouTube channel, Thea & Crainer – Minecraft.

The majority of her YouTube videos have a huge following among her followers, starting with the welcome video. Thea Reacts to SSundee’s Diss Tracks Against Crainer!!, Girlfriend Shower Air Horn Prank, Wax Prank On Sleeping Boyfriend, He Got So Mad, and Slime Bucket Prank On Girlfriend!! are some of the most popular videos.

Prior to starting her YouTube vlogging channel and rising to fame as a social media figure, Thea had been a typical teenage girl. MrCrainer, her YouTube gaming partner, is also a fan of Minecraft.

Individual Life of Thea Kornum

Thea Nicka Kornum, who presently resides in Hrsholm, was born on April 22, 1998, in Kirkeby, Bornholm, Denmark. The name “Dorothea” or “Dorthea,” which means “God’s gift,” is the origin of her name. She has been dating MrCrainer Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard, a popular YouTube channel host who plays Minecraft, since 2017.

Thea is a huge Marilyn Monroe enthusiast, and she frequently uses Monroe’s catchphrase “Imperfection is beauty, lunacy is genius” on her Instagram account.

Gross Value of Thea Kornum

She would undoubtedly take home a sizable sum of cash. Her use of other social media platforms and her YouTube channel may be her primary sources of revenue.

She is thought to be worth about $200K as of 2022, though.