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Theo Horan is an Instagram celebrity and social media influencer from Ireland. He is the nephew of Niall Horan, a member of the phenomenally successful boy band One Direction. Greg, Niall’s older sibling, is his father. Theo has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts, both of which are managed by his parents. Theo’s uncle has helped him achieve considerable fame. Additionally, he is frequently featured on his parents’ Instagram accounts. In 2017, various media outlets reported that Niall was unhappy with Theo’s parents’ use of his fame to propel their family to fame and secure lucrative brand agreements. Apparently, they had a major disagreement. Recent evidence suggests that the brothers have reconciled.

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Ascend to Fame

In the same month that Theo was born, July 2013, his uncle posted a photo of him on Twitter. It altered Theo’s and his parents’ lives. Numerous One Direction admirers noticed Niall’s family and became fans of them as well. Greg and Denise created a Twitter account for Theo in March 2014, which presently has nearly 700 thousand followers. His Facebook page has approximately 36,000 followers. While Theo does not have an Instagram account of his own, his parents do, and he is frequently featured on their accounts. His father has 133,000 subscribers, while his mother has 68,000.

Greg and Denise reportedly launched their son’s profession in February 2017 by scheduling him to open a Lidl store in Mullingar. Since he was an infant, he has been represented by the modeling agency of Irish model and entrepreneur Andrea Roche. Greg and Denise commemorated Theo’s first birthday by creating 20ct gold-plated commemorative coins and selling them to One Direction fans for approximately €25 each. Theo formerly had a website, but it has since been taken down.

Disputes and Scandals

It was reported in February 2017 that Niall was annoyed by his family’s use of his renown. The manner in which intimate photographs of him and his nephew were shared on social media did not please him. The ‘Daily Star’ reported in April 2017 that Niall had severed all ties with his brother. Since then, however, they appear to have reconciled.

Personal Facts About Theo

Theo Horan was born on 16 July 2013 in Mullingar, Ireland, to Greg and Denise Horan, and was baptized on 9 November. Greg was born on February 11, 1988, five years before Niall was born on September 13, 1993. When Niall and Greg were young, their parents, Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher, separated and eventually divorced. They subsequently spent a year with their mother before moving in with their father.

Niall garnered media and public attention for the first time as a contestant on the seventh season of ITV’s ‘The X Factor (UK)’. He was placed in a group with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, despite failing to advance beyond the boot camp round. They gained the moniker One Direction. They finished in third place but were nationally recognized. One Direction has become one of the most successful boy bands in music history, having sold more than 50 million recordings worldwide as of 2017.

Despite their five-year age difference, Niall and Greg had always been close. In fact, the former was the best man at the nuptials of the latter, which took place on March 27, 2013, at St. Michael’s Church in Castletown Geoghegan, County Westmeath, Ireland. His parents also chose Niall as Theo’s godfather.

Estimated Net Worth

Theo is one of the wealthiest Irish family members. Theo Horan has a net worth of $5 million, as determined by our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.