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Stockholm, Sweden

A popular YouTuber from Sweden is named Therese Lindgren. Her self-titled YouTube channel, where she posts lifestyle videos, has seen remarkable success. She frequently publishes films on topics including veganism, self-care, fashion, and beauty. She now has more than 600,000 subscribers to her channel. Therese has a background in the media and advocates for animal welfare. She speaks on self-acceptance and self-contentment as a motivational speaker. Therese has struggled with challenges like mental illness, sadness, and recurrent panic attacks. Therese has overcome all of her obstacles to become a fearless and self-assured public figure. She is currently inspiring a lot of aspiring artists. Therese is a published author who has written two novels about mental illness. For what she has accomplished to date, she has received numerous honors.

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The Story of Success

Therese began her professional life by accepting a position at a small media and communication firm. While still pursuing her school, she began working. After that, she was employed by the Swedish telecom company “Hi3G Access” as a sales representative. Therese changed jobs after a while working there. She was then hired as a Key Account Manager by a firm called “VideofyMe,” which produces videos. She subsequently left “VideofyMe” and signed up for “Jagodu,” a well-liked Swedish dating site. She became a Content Manager for “Jagodu.”

Therese experienced the most challenging time of her life while working at her last job. She experienced a series of panic attacks and acquired depression. She quit her job and became reclusive. Even after receiving extensive medical care, she exhibited no indications of healing. After six months at home, her mood had at last improved. Therese engaged in a lot of productive pursuits while she was recovering. One of these pastimes was viewing YouTube videos.

She spent her time at home watching a lot of movies and reading various blogs. Therese’s condition began to get better after a year, but she was still far from fully recovering. But she thought she was making progress and was feeling energized and confident once more. Therese finally posted her first video to her YouTube page in the fall of 2011. It took some time for the channel to garner viewers and subscribers.

There weren’t many Swedish girls on YouTube back then. Therese benefited from this aspect, and her channel gradually gained popularity. Even though she started off producing a variety of videos, she was always eager to conduct research to advance her channel. To add quality and variety to her vlogs, Therese frequently watched American vloggers.

She first tended toward video editing and concentrated more on the visual appeal of her video than on its content. But as her channel grew in popularity, she produced a wide range of videos. Therese began posting videos about skin and hair care. She reviewed recent product launches as well. She quickly became famous thanks to the success of her videos. With more than 10 million views each month and 500,000 followers across all of her social media channels, she quickly rose to the position of the most well-known female internet star in Sweden.

She first created the channel solely to demonstrate her video editing abilities, but it has since evolved into a platform for her to express herself. Therese later posted a few videos discussing her mental condition and how she handled it. A local newspaper selected Therese as one of the top five “Super Communicators” of 2016. She had previously been recognized as the “Best YouTuber” by Splay Networks. Therese has additionally won the prestigious Guldtuben prize in the category of “Best Cooperation and Best Style.”

She was given the “Gold Award” by the Animal Rights Organization for her efforts on behalf of animals. Additionally, Therese has established her own website at Her experiences with mental illness are detailed in two of her novels, “Sometimes I do not feel so good” and “Who cares.” Forum was the publisher of both of her novels.

Individual Life of Therese Lindgren

On February 15, 1987, Therese Lindgren was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She received her degree in informatics in January 2014. Therese rarely discusses her family or other relatives. She has never participated in a video Q&A session. She merely wants her fans to be aware of her struggle toward overcoming despair. Therese hopes that her experience will inspire others who may encounter a similar circumstances in the future.

Therese Lindgren Net Worth

Therese is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Therese Lindgren’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.