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Thomas Doherty, a Scottish actor, gained notoriety in recent years for his roles as Sean in the British musical drama sitcom “The Lodge” and Harry Hook in Disney’s “Descendants 2.” At the age of five, Doherty started performing. He joined the Lothian Youth Arts and Musicals Company and performed in a number of shows, including Disney’s “Aladdin.” He joined Olivia Bell Management in London after earning a degree in music theatre from the MGA Academy. He initially made a living waiting tables while attending countless auditions. He made his screen debut in 2013 with the Dracula television series. After that, he had many minor appearances before getting the part of Harry Hook in “Descendants 2.” He was hired for the Disney television drama and mystery series “The Lodge” in 2016. In the next dance romance “High Strung: Free Dance,” Doherty will also make an appearance.

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Thomas Doherty’s Career

Thomas Doherty is a multitalented personality; he is not only trained in acting and singing, but he is also adept at different forms of dancing, including modern, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. In addition to his acting and singing skills, Thomas Doherty possesses a strong background in dance. In 2013, Doherty made his debut on the big screen in the production of ‘Dracula’ for NBC and Sky Living.

In the episode titled “Servant to Two Masters,” he made an appearance and was just given the credit of being the Street Boy #2. Soon after making his debut, he appeared in the short film “Bunch of Mad Stuff,” in which he had a role.

During the summer of 2015, he decided not to continue his studies at the MGA Academy and instead began working as a waiter at the Tigerlily restaurant and bar in Edinburgh. During his time off, he spent it participating in auditions and working with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The 2016 short film ‘The First Time’ was his first effort after graduating from college. In that same year, he was given his big break when Disney’s ‘The Lodge’ placed him in the character of Sean Matthews. Doherty is also of Scottish descent, but in order to better communicate with viewers from other countries, the actor purposefully lowered the intensity of his Scottish accent.

Later on, Doherty was able to land a role in the television movie ‘Descendants 2,’ which debuted in 2017. In the play “Peter Pan,” he plays the role of Harry Hook, the son of the notorious pirate Captain James Hook, who is the antagonist. He will be reprising his role in the upcoming installment of the Descendants franchise, which is scheduled for release in 2019. In addition, Michael Damian’s future directorial effort, titled “High Strung: Free Dance,” will feature him in a prominent role.

Doherty’s Personal Life

Doherty was born on April 21, 1995, in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, to parents who are both employed in the banking industry. He has a sister by the name of Rachel who is a dancer, and he has a brother by the name of Niall who plays soccer. Quite early in his youth, he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. He had his first appearance in a school production when he was only five years old.

Additionally, while he was a young lad he participated in football. It was while he was a member of the Lothian Youth Arts and Musicals Company that he had his theatrical debut in a number of different shows, one of which was Disney’s “Aladdin.”

Before enrolling at The MGA Academy of Performing Arts, he received his education from the Royal High School in Edinburgh. In July 2015, he graduated from that institution with a degree in music theatre. He was quickly hired by Olivia Bell Management in London once they saw his potential. The young actress Dove Cameron is the one that the young heartthrob is currently seeing in a relationship.

Estimated Net Worth

Thomas is one of the wealthiest British TV actors. Thomas Doherty is worth $5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Doherty was recognized as one of the top 50 sexiest guys in the world by Vogue magazine in the month of August 2017.