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The well-known gaming channel Faze Clan’s CEO and owner, Thomas Oliveira, is a Brazilian-American YouTube star. Oliveira, better known to his followers as FaZe Temperrr or iiTeMpeR, has now become one of the YouTube gaming personalities with the most subscribers. He is a very skilled gamer with a channel that has more than 5 million subscribers. He also runs a separate YouTube channel where he uploads games, vlogs, reactions, and other entertaining content. Despite Oliveira’s current level of fame on social media, he aspires to even greater heights. He enjoys entertaining them and adores his audience. Because of this, the Brazilian-American YouTuber creates compelling game videos. He has millions of followers on Twitter in addition to YouTube. He currently has more than 1.37 million followers on Twitter. He is a fun-loving man who adores pets, to say the least.

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Become a Star of Thomas Oliveira

On March 30, 2010, Thomas Oliveira launched his FaZe Temperrr YouTube account. He has been posting humorous and entertaining films on it ever since. Everything relating to pleasure and enjoyment is available on this channel, from gaming videos and vlogs to roasting and reactions. ‘Logic vs. FaZe Temperrr (SKATE)’, ‘A Year in the Life of FaZe Temperrr’, and ‘Speaking Portuguese At The Faze House’ are a few of the videos on the channel FaZe Temperrr that one shouldn’t miss watching. The first video shows Faze and one of his friends competing in skating. The second video is a brief summary of the events that occurred in his life over the course of a year. The third one has Portuguese spoken by the YouTuber and his friend. As of August 2018, millions of people had watched all of these videos. 45 million people have viewed this channel, which has 1.6 million subscribers.

Regarding the main channel owned by Thomas Oliveira, Faze Clan, it debuted on May 30, 2010. The most subscribed-to gaming channel in the entire globe is now this top Call of Duty sniping clan. Oliveira is part of a team that plays games in a very entertaining and creative fashion, together with FaZe Apex and Austin Pamajewon. In addition to their movies, their commentary is a pleasure for gamers. Speaking of Faze Clan’s fame, it has already surpassed 5 million subscribers! Regarding views, the channel has over 535 million at the moment, and that number is rising hourly.

Individual Life of Thomas Oliveira

Brazil welcomed Thomas Oliveira into the world on August 25, 1993. Later, he relocated to the US. On his Instagram, he has shared a number of pictures with his girlfriend. The YouTube gamer currently resides in New York. The internet lacks information on his family members. He has also kept his admirers in the dark about the specifics of his education.

Net Worth of Thomas Oliveira

The estimated net worth of Thomas Oliveira is about $1 million.