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San Francisco, CA

Tiffany joined her partner on YouTube and together they founded the “Tiff&Case” channel, which is a vibrant and attractive YouTuber. After the birth of her baby, Tiffiny struggled to settle down because her obligations multiplied. But all came together when she encountered several YouTubers at a concert and was moved by their originality. And before she knew it, she was starting her own YouTube channel. She currently works as an actress, producer, and vlogger for the brands “Just Kidding Parties,” “Just Kidding News,” and “Just Kidding Films.” She also enjoys sizable followings across all of her social media platforms. She has 252K followers on Instagram and more than 40K on Twitter. She has more than 20,000 fans on her several work-related Facebook sites.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When Tiffany was a young girl doing a typical job, she experienced a life-altering concert experience that made her understand she was more than just a regular girl. She joined the cast of “JustKiddingFilms,” where she also met and fell in love with her future husband, since she immediately wanted to do something creative. The team rapidly added “JustKiddingNews” and “JustKiddingParties” after gaining more than a million members, giving Tiffany celebrity status. She manages Personnel Relations for the organization in addition to being an actress. She creates items for the company as well. In 2014, she was chosen to star in her fiancé’s short film, “Gun Fu.” Her popularity increased so dramatically in 2014–15 that she made an appearance on ‘Access Hollywood. She also made an appearance on “Inside Edition” later that year. Together, she and her fiancee have more than 250K subscribers to their own channel.

Why Tiffany Is So Special?

She has a natural beauty and a casual sense of style.

She smiles sincerely and has lovely eyes. But her capacity for overcoming obstacles and battling hardships likely distinguishes her from the competition. She is incredibly upbeat and hasn’t let her rocky past define her. She has achieved success on her own terms and served as a role model for many single mothers. She is sensitive and loving, not just toward her son but also toward her friends. She is neither an extrovert nor an introvert. She is more extroverted around individuals she knows and feels at ease with but quiet and reserved around strangers. She is persistent and hardworking in her efforts to build a brighter future for her and her family.

Past Fame of Tiffany Del Real

Tiffany is fearless and adventurous due to her love of fun; in fact, she has even skydived and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She claimed it gave her wings and made her feel like a free spirit flying. She also notes that with the birth of her kid, she has grown to have a strange preoccupation with organization and feels that it now forms a part of her identity. She enjoys collecting magnets from the locations she travels, and she has a collection of them that she keeps on her refrigerator. She enjoys sipping iced milk, and Mexican food is her preferred cuisine. She uses contact lenses as advised; her original pair was green. Michael Jackson is her favorite celebrity, and she adores the color teal. Since she was young, she has been a finicky eater and despises meals that requires a lot of chewing. She experienced an incident with spinning firecrackers as a child, which made her scared of them.

Behind The Scenes

She was her parents’ lone child, born in San Francisco. She had depression as a result of her parents divorcing when she was a little child. Her father is a businessman, while her mother is a model. She and her mother moved into the new house she shared with her stepfather, and she used to take care of her younger stepbrothers, barely having any time left over to experience her own upbringing. Arguments between her and her mother grew as she began high school, and eventually her mother sent her to live with her biological father in Mexico. Her teenage years were spent traveling much because her father worked as a business consultant. She remembers living in six different Mexican cities in a single year, which prevented her from ever establishing lasting friendships. She decided to raise her son alone when she was just 17 years old. She developed her sense of responsibility after that and has since been an excellent mother. She proposed to her boyfriend Casey Chan in 2016, and they are currently cohabitating. Soon, the two intend to get married.

Estimated Net Worth

Tiffany’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $4 million. She has made at least $67,201 as a YouTuber.She earns an average salary of $86,502 as an actor in the United States.


She became pregnant as a teen and chose to keep the child.