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Tang Yan, also known by her English name Tiffany Tang, is a notable Chinese actress who has acquired the nicknames “1 billion queen” and “Ratings Queen” for her great acting career and popularity. She earned the Top Champion prize in the 3rd “Shulei Century Star” competition, and director Zhang Yimou chose her as one of the 14 “Olympic Babies” to perform at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens’ closing ceremony. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and went on to work in cinema and television, eventually becoming a well-known and in-demand television actor. She is known for her outstanding performances in TV shows such as ‘The Princess Weiyoung,’ ‘Lady & Liar,’ ‘My Sunshine,’ and ‘Chinese Paladin 3.’ She is currently one of China’s highest-paid actresses on the tiny screen. Her first film, ‘Farewell for Love,’ garnered her a nomination for Best Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival in 2007. ‘The Storm Warriors’ and ‘For Love or Money’ are two of her outstanding flicks. After quitting Orange Sky Entertainment Group in mid-2012, she founded her own studio, ‘Tang Yan Studio.’

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Childhood and Adolescence

Tang Yan was born in Shanghai, China, on December 6, 1983. Her ancestors are from Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.
From a young age, Tang exhibited a keen interest in modeling and performing. In 2001, she took part in the third ‘Shulei Century Star’ competition and won the “Top Champion” prize. In 2004, she was chosen as one of fourteen “Olympic Babies” by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, and she performed at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Athens that year. In 2006, she received her diploma from the Central Academy of Drama.

Career of Tiffany

In 2006, she made her acting debut in the television series ‘Feng Man Lou,’ in which she played Zhou Yutong.
‘The Story of Zhen Guan’ and ‘Spring Comes Early in Grassland’ were two television shows in which she appeared in 2007. She also participated in the music videos ‘Zhu Xian I Come Back’ and ‘Zhu Xian Love’ by Taiwanese singer and actor Richie Jen that year. In the years that followed, she appeared in the music videos of a number of other artists.
She also made her big screen debut in 2007 with the film “Farewell for Love,” for which she was nominated for Best New Actress at the 10th Beijing College Student Film Festival and won Best Actress (Film) at the 13th Shanghai Television Festival.

Her big break came in 2009, when she played Zi Xuan in the television series ‘Chinese Paladin 3,’ which was adapted from the computer game of the same name by ‘Chinese Entertainment Shanghai.’ She not only received accolades for her on-screen chemistry with Wallace Huo in “Chinese Paladin 3,” but she also won the Most Anticipated Young Actress award at the 2nd Beijing TV Station Award for the part in 2009. She played Chu Chu in ‘The Storm Warriors,’ a Hong Kong wuxia fantasy film directed and produced by the Pang brothers. On December 10, 2009, the picture was released in theaters and grossed $5,668,356 at the box office.

In 2010, she starred alongside Jay Chou, who also helmed the series, in the Taiwanese action criminal sci-fi television series ‘Pandamen.’ She also appeared in the TV shows ‘Lightning Marriage’ and ‘Dream to be Honorable 1942’ that year. Her next significant part was as Xia Tianmei in the 2011 series “My Daughter,” which not only increased her reputation but also earned her the Most Popular Actress (Mainland) award at the 3rd China TV Drama Awards and the Most Popular Mainland Actress award at the 2nd LeTV Awards. Tang played Dugu Ningke, princess of the Sui Dynasty, in the Chinese Wuxia Romance Fantasy Adventure TV series ‘Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky’ (2012), an adaptation of the classic Chinese role-playing game Xuan-Yuan Sword.

‘Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky’ was a major hit, breaking records as the highest-rated weekly broadcast drama and receiving over 2 billion views on the internet. Tang won the 3rd LeTV Awards’ Most Popular Actress (Mainland) title in 2012. In the Chinese romantic comedy historical TV series ‘Perfect Couple,’ she played Yu Qilin opposite ‘Chinese Paladin 3’ co-star Wallace Huo. From April 21, 2014 to July 10, 2014, it broadcast on Shenzhen TV and Jiangsu TV.
‘Perfect Couple’ was the most watched online broadcast.

Tang received the Most Popular Actress award at the 5th China Student Television Festival, as well as the Best Couple award shared with Wallace Huo at the 6th China TV Drama Awards and the Most Appealing Actress award at the Wyndham Xingyue Role Model Ceremony in 2014. She received Best Supporting Actress at the 3rd China International Film Festival London in 2015 for her part as Ming Zhen in the Chinese romantic film ‘For Love or Money’, which she starred in in November 2014.

She had leading roles in numerous high-rated Chinese shows in 2015. ‘My Sunshine,’ ‘Legend of Fragrance,’ ‘Lady & Liar,’ ‘The Lost Tomb,’ and ‘Diamond Lover’ were among them. ‘My Sunshine’ won Audience Favorite Character at the 7th China TV Drama Awards and Best Actress (Contemporary) at the 17th Huading Awards that year. Her popular television series earned her the title of “Golden Eagle Goddess” at the 11th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, as well as the moniker “1 billion queen.” At the 7th China TV Drama Awards, she was also named Actress with the Most Media Influence.

Her next significant TV series was ‘The Princess Weiyoung’ (2016), in which she starred as Li Weiyoung (Feng Xin’er) in a historical romance drama. With over 18 billion online views, the series was a big hit. ‘The Princess Weiyoung’ was able to secure a spot among the top ten most popular television dramas of 2016. Tang’s burgeoning prominence was rewarded with multiple prizes, including the Best Actress award at the 22nd Huading Awards in 2017. Tang continues to win over viewers with some of her spectacular big screen performances while building a name for herself in the television sector. In 2016, he starred in films such as ‘MBA Partners,’ ‘Bounty Hunters,’ and ‘A Chinese Odyssey Part Three,’ and in 2017, he starred in ‘Cook Up a Storm.’ ‘Europe Raiders,’ a Hong Kong action thriller film, and two TV series, ‘See You Again,’ and ‘The Way We Were,’ are among her next projects.

Personal Experiences

For a period, she was romantically linked to Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu. Tang later announced their breakup in early 2013. Luo Jin, a Chinese film and television actor, is her current boyfriend. On December 6, 2016, the couple announced their romance.

Estimated Net Worth

Tiffany’s net worth is expected to be $3 million dollars in 2020. This includes her property, funds, and earnings. Her acting career is her principal source of income.