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As Kylie Jenner’s security, Tim Chung is well-known. Tim is already well-known online due to his model-like features and chiseled physique. He is a seasoned model who has worked on a number of modeling assignments in the past. Tim Chung, a part-time model and “Los Angeles Police” detective, gained attention for looking like Kylie Jenner’s daughter. Social media was flooded with images of Tim and the infant next to each other after Kylie’s daughter was born. Tim became the “buzz of the town” as a result. Neither Kylie nor her beau Travis Scott made any comments about that, though.

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The Multidimensional Tim

The world is familiar with him as Kylie Jenner’s personal security, but the dashing man is much more than that. He has worked for the “Los Angeles Police Department” for a number of years and is a police detective. Tim is a member of the department’s basketball squad as well. For his services, he receives a handsome six-figure income. His net wealth has never, however, been made public.

Tim protects Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi when he’s not on duty. Tim previously worked for the “Kardashians” in addition to assisting her. For opulent companies like “The Black Suit,” “Tc Charton,” and “Wolf & Shepherd shoes,” he has posed for advertisements.

Tim has also been featured in ads. He participated in advertising for the Vegas International Vision Fair and the New Year Vision Expo in 2015. Additionally, he appeared in an advertisement for the Volvo car brand. He has also earned a place on the “Page Six report’s” list of the “sexiest celebrity bodyguards.”

Tim’s The Report

Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s baby, was born on February 1st, 2018. As soon as the newborn’s photos appeared on social media, they went viral. Kylie and Travis Scott’s kid from their relationship are named Stormi. A few months after Kylie’s daughter was born, a rumor started circulating that Travis might not be the child’s father. Some of Kylie’s online fans shared pictures of the baby and Tim side by side to demonstrate their similarity.

Even Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga remarked on the photos, claiming that Tim’s nose, eyes, and hair are strikingly similar to the baby’s. He had, nevertheless, questioned Stormi’s parentage before. It’s noteworthy that Kylie began seeing Travis not long after she split from Tyga. The fact that she was pregnant quickly added fuel to the fire. At first, it was thought Tyga was the parent.

He even insisted on a null “DNA” test. Although Travis’ paternity was now established, the “resemblance” rumor added a fresh layer of controversy. However, none of them have ever responded to the rumor in any way. Travis and Kylie did their best to portray a positive relationship. They frequently shared recordings of their happy times online to demonstrate their denial of the rumor.

The baby appeared to have some of the distinctive characteristics that make Tim’s Asian ethnicity stand out. Since Travis and Kylie have no Asian ties, the rumor may have some merit. The reality won’t come out until one of them makes a statement about it.

Estimated Net Worth

Amount of Tim Chung’s net worth in 2021 is $5 million. Tim Chung Instruction. With honors, Tim Chung successfully finished high school.