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Calumet City, Illinois
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Rapper, singer, and songwriter Trinity Laure’Ale Home, popularly known as “Tink,” is from the United States. At five years old, Tink started to sing, and at fifteen, he started to rap. After a year, she began sharing her rap videos online, to the great acclaim of her local audience. Since then, the fresh talent has advanced significantly. 2018 will see the release of her first studio album. She has, nevertheless, already dropped seven mixtapes. “Winter’s Diary,” her debut mixtape, was made available in 2011. 2014 saw the release of her mixtape “Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours,” which Rolling Stone ranked as the eighth-best R&B album of the year and Billboard as the ninth-best R&B album of the year. “Alter Ego” (2012), “Blunts & Ballads” (2012), “Boss Up” (2013), “Winter’s Diary 3” (2015), and “Winter’s Diary 4” (2016) are her previous mixtapes. A disagreement with Timbaland caused her to take a lengthy hiatus from social media in 2017, delaying the release of her studio album “Think Tink.” She once said that her debut album was about to be released in an interview. She has also ended her relationship with Timbaland’s record label. In 2018, she issued “Pain & Pleasure,” her debut EP.

Early Life & Childhood of Tink

On March 18, 1995, Trinity Laure’Ale Home was born in Calumet City, Illinois. At age five, Tink began singing at churches.

She began penning songs at the age of eleven. She began writing songs and rapping in her father’s basement studio when she was fifteen years old.
By the time Tink turned sixteen, she and her brother had uploaded their first music video on the internet and were getting praise from local listeners. She was seen freestyling to Clipse’s “Grindin” in the video.
She went to the “Simeon Career Academy” in Chicago. There, she took part in several talent shows.
Her high school friends gave her the moniker “Tink,” which she chose to use as her stage name. According to Tink, she co-wrote 75% of her songs with her sound engineer father.

Her favorite subject is English since it makes her a better writer. Tink originally intended to become a radio show host rather than a singer, despite being one of Chicago’s most talked-about writers.
She kept working on her music after reading encouraging comments about it on social media, and she eventually achieved recognition as a musician.

Career of Tink

When Tin published her debut mixtape, “Winter’s Diary,” in 2011, she officially launched her career. She was still a high school student at the time and was represented by “Lyrical Eyes Management.”
She put out two more mixtapes in 2012, “Alter Ego” and “Blunts & Ballads.” “Boss Up,” her fourth mixtape, was released in 2013.

Additionally, she had a cameo in Future Brown’s first hit, “Wanna Party.” Tink soon began getting offers from records and music labels.
But Tink found that her meetings with labels were fruitless, and she said that she was happy being a self-employed artist. 2014 saw the release of her second mixtape, “Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours,” which quickly became a huge sensation.

That year, “Rolling Stone” placed the album eighth, while “Billboard” ranked it ninth. She also worked on songs with singers including “Sleigh Bells,” with whom she published “That Did It,” and “Kelela,” with whom she released “Want It,” during this period.

She also recorded a song called “Don’t Tell Nobody” with Jeremih. Tink inked a deal with Timbaland’s “Mosley Music Group,” an Epic Records label, in October 2014.
2015 was the release year specified in her contract with Timbaland’s company for her debut album. Still, there was a delay in the project.

Timbaland chose to postpone the album, Tink revealed to “The FADER.” Timbaland said that the late singer Aaliyah had visited him and called Tink “the one” before the album’s debut.
She was prohibited from sharing her new music with her fans by the terms of her contract with “Mosley and Epic.” This was quite restricting and annoying to her. She then decided to cancel her deal with Timbaland’s label and got ready to start over.

In the interim, “Winter’s Diary 3,” her sixth mixtape, was released. This mixtape included “I Like,” one of her most well-known songs.
“Winter’s Diary 4,” her seventh mixtape, was published in 2016. On Rolling Stone’s list of the “40 Best Rap Albums of 2016,” it came in at number twenty.

During this period, she also released a few singles that weren’t from albums, like “Clocks” and “Commitment.” She released a single from “Winter’s Diary 5” in 2018 called “Breakin’ Me.”
In 2018, she also released “Pain & Pleasure,” her debut EP. This year also sees the release of “Think Tink,” her first studio album that was shelved in 2015.

Additional Large Works of Tink

A documentary called “WorldStarHipHop” that emphasized Chicago’s hip-hop scene included Tink. “The Field: Chicago” was the title of the documentary.

Honors & Accomplishments of Tink

Tink was selected to be a member of the “2015 Freshman Class XXL.” She has been featured on the covers of numerous magazines, including TheMash, fakeshoredrive.com, Chicago Tribune, RedEye, and many more.

Individual Life of Tink

Tink formerly dated Don Marley. It is currently thought that she is unmarried.
She views the band “TLC” and Alicia Keys as her heroes. Her fashion icons have included Rihanna and Teyana Taylor.
She has also supported causes like the “Black Lives Matter” movement and lifted women up through her music.

Her goal is to become “a positive, realistic vision of female empowerment,” in her own words.

The net worth of Tink

The estimated net worth of Tink is about $1 million.