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Osborn, Mississippi
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Osborn, Mississippi

With over 15 million subscribers and 3.6 billion video views over his three YouTube channels, Toby Turner is one of the most prominent Internet celebrities. His comic timing is unrivaled, which is one of the many reasons he has such a large fan base. He’s also appeared in a few of prominent television shows and films, which have helped him gain a lot of attention. Toby has a vlog channel called ‘TobyTurner’ in addition to his primary YouTube account, ‘Tobuscus.’ He, like any other adolescent, is a passionate gamer who has his own YouTube channel dedicated to his online gaming. ‘TobyGames’ is the name of the channel. Turner is making every effort to increase his popularity and carve out a niche for himself.

The Ascension to Freedom

When Toby Tuner indicated an interest in becoming a YouTuber, his mother enthusiastically backed him. She didn’t have enough money at the time to buy him a camera so he could make films, so she took out a loan. Toby was touched by his mother’s gesture and immediately began filming videos with zeal. On June 14, 2006, he launched his main YouTube channel, ‘Tobuscus,’ which quickly became a hit with the public.

Toby is one of the most successful YouTube stars, with over 6 million subscribers on his channel. Toby also delved into his other talents and chose to use them to improve his popularity. He went on to create his own online gaming channel, a vlog channel, and an iTunes channel. Some of his most well-known songs include ‘I Can Swing My Sword,’ ‘Safety Torch,’ and ‘Dramatic Song.’ He also has a fantastic sense of humour, which draws viewers back to his channel like a magnet.

What is it about Toby Turner that makes him so unique?

Toby isn’t like the other YouTubers on the block who specialize on a certain type of video. He is truly an all-rounder; you name it, and he can do it. Toby is a pro at everything he does, from acting in films and television programs to singing and filming videos. Along with fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco, he has also produced the popular web series ‘CuteWinFail.’ Toby is one of the few persons who is both a jack and a master of all trades.

Beyond the Notoriety

April Efff, a fellow YouTuber, has accused Toby Tuner of rape and sexual abuse. She detailed her harrowing encounter with this infamous YouTuber in a lengthy, heartfelt Tumblr post. Amelia Talon, Turner’s ex-girlfriend, also come up, claiming that she was forced to consume narcotics throughout their relationship. “I have made peace with my time with Toby and don’t wish to discuss it in detail, as is my option,” Clare Lourdes, a popular YouTuber, stated, “While this is ample proof of Tuner’s unacceptable activities.” “However, I can say that my time with him has provided me with the experience and perspective to believe their claims are completely real,” she concluded. The YouTuber did not respond to any of the allegations, instead relying on his mother to defend him.

Behind the Scenes

Turner was born on March 3, 1985, in Mississippi and grew up in Niceville, Florida. The ‘University of Florida’ awarded him a degree in ‘telecommunication production.’

Estimated Net Worth

Toby Turner has a net worth of $4 million as an internet personality, comedian, actor, and musician in the United States. Toby Turner was born in March 1985 in Osborn, Mississippi. His YouTube videos have made him famous. Toby’s three YouTube channels have over 15 million followers and over three billion views as of June 2015.