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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Torrence Hatch, better known by his stage name Boosie Badazz, is a well-known American rapper. Boosie has seen it all, from growing up on the harsh streets of Baton Rouge to becoming a well-known rapper. Despite his early life’s ups and downs, he was motivated to make it big since he possessed a secret gift for rapping. With his 2009 album ‘Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz,’ he rose to prominence. He went on to release multiple albums and contribute to a lot of mixtapes and compilations. Three Six Mafia, Yung Joc, Webbie, and Bun B are just a few of the southern hip-hop stars with whom he has collaborated. Now he’s branching out into other aspects of the entertainment world, having secured acting contracts and launching his own clothing line. Boosie became embroiled in legal troubles as his fame grew, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. One of his CDs, however, was released while he was serving his sentence. He announced his desire to continue his hip-hop career shortly after his release. He didn’t waste any time in getting to work on his upcoming record.

Childhood and Adolescence

Torrence Hatch, also known as Boosie Badazz, was born on November 14, 1982, in Southside Baton Rouge, a dangerous area in Louisiana infamous for drugs and gunplay.

His father was an alcoholic who battled addiction till his death in 1997. (Some sources claim he was assassinated.) His mother worked as a teacher. He is one of seven siblings.

His parents gave him the moniker Boosie, and he was thereafter known as Lil Boosie. His mother thought that his good sportsmanship would help him get into a decent college because he was a good basketball player.

He, on the other hand, became involved in drugs and was expelled from high school.

The Career of Torrence

Young Bleed, Boosie’s cousin, introduced him to rapper C-Loc when he started rapping. He mentored Boosie and took him under his wing. At the age of 14, Boosie joined the ‘Concentration Camp’ group. He was the group’s youngest member.

The group comprised six other members in addition to Young Bleed and C-Loc. In 2000, Boosie made his debut on C-fifth Loc’s album, ‘It’s A Gamble,’ and also contributed to Concentration Camp’s third studio album, ‘Camp III: Thug Brothas,’ released the same year.

When Young Bleed departed the group, Boosie was given the opportunity to take over as the group’s leader, and he quickly rose to prominence. In the year 2000, he released his debut album, ‘Youngest of da Camp.’

When he signed Pimp C’s Trill Entertainment in 2001, he had his big break, and his album ‘For My Thugz’ was published in 2002. In 2002, he released his debut mixtape, ‘Boosie.’

For the albums ‘Ghetto Stories’ (published in 2003) and ‘Azz Mixtape Vol. 1’ (issued in 2004), he collaborated with rapper Webbie. ‘Trill Azz Mixes II’ was released the same year. In 2004, he released his second album, ‘Gangsta Musik,’ alongside Webbie.

In 2004, he collaborated with South Coast Coalition on ‘Both Sides of the Track,’ as well as a mixtape titled ‘Bad Ass,’ which included a few new tunes such as ‘Trill Shit.’

‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’ was released by Boosie and Lava House Records in 2005. He also collaborated with Pat Lorenzo on the album ‘Street Code.’ In the same year, he released a promotional single for ‘Bad Azz’ called ‘Bad Ass (Advance).’ In the same year, he secured a deal with Warner Bros. Records.

Trill followed up ‘Bad Ass Advance’ with ‘Bad Ass Mixtape Vol.1’ in 2006. ‘Bad Azz,’ his major-label debut, was also released.

He recounted his father’s death due to narcotics in the ‘Bad Azz’ DVD, which was released shortly after, as well as his battle with diabetes. The mixtapes ‘Streetz Iz Mine’ and ‘DJ Drama (Gangsta Grillz)’ were released the same year.

He and Webbie published ‘Bad Azz Mixtapes Vol. 2’ in 2007. Boosie released two mixtapes in 2008: ‘Da Beginning Mixtape’ and ‘4th Of July Bash.’ ‘Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz’ was his second major album, published in 2009.

‘Unbreakable,’ a compilation CD with C-Loc, was released in 2010 while he was in prison for narcotics possession. It was followed by his second album, ‘Incarcerated.’

‘Gone Til,’ a mixtape album with new music, was also published in 2010. ‘Hit After Hit 3’ was released in 2011 by Quick and Boosie.

He signed a record deal with Atlantic Records after being released from prison in 2014. His first single, ‘Show Da World,’ was released alongside Webbie.

He was featured on Dorrough Music’s ‘Beat Up the Block,’ 2 Chainz’s ‘Wuda Cuda Shuda,’ DJ Mustard’s ‘Face Down,’ and many others, one after the other.

His mixtape ‘Life After Deathrow’ was released in October 2014. ‘Touchdown 2 Cause Hell,’ his sixth studio album, was released in April 2015. There are 17 new tunes on this album.

As of July 2017, Boosie is attempting serious acting with a role in the independent boxing film ‘Glass Jaw.’ He portrays an underground boxing club operator with street smarts.

He has acting experience, having previously appeared in films such as ‘Gangsta Musik’ and ‘Last Dayz and Ghetto Stories: The Movie,’ in which he played a small-time drug dealer.

Torrence’s Major Projects

In 2008, Boosie Badazz established Bad Azz Entertainment, a record company. In the same year, he published ‘Lil Boosie Presents: Da Click,’ which includes the song ‘Da Click (Hatch Boy, Locco, Quick, and Bleek)’. He also appeared on Webbie’s track “Independent,” as well as DJ Khaled’s “Out Here Grindin.”

His most recent business venture is his clothing line, Jewel House, which he founded after he was released from prison in 2014.

In just eight months, it generated $4 million in revenue. His clothing line’s name is derived from his notion that his family members are his gems.

Scandals & Controversies

Lil Boosie was arrested on October 22, 2008, after drugs and a pistol were discovered in his automobile. He was given a two-year jail sentence.

His sentence was soon doubled after it was discovered that he had broken his probation while awaiting sentencing. He was kept under house arrest between his plea and punishment.

On June 17, 2010, he was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Terry Boyd. He was also charged with drugs possession. He was suspected of being involved in at least five previous murders, according to prosecutors.

He was sentenced to eight years in state prison for narcotics offenses on November 29, 2011. However, a jury found him not guilty of first-degree murder in 2012. As a result, on March 5, 2014, he was released and placed on parole until 2018.

Lil Boosie officially changed his name to Boosie Badazz on October 20, 2014. He completed many hours of community service after being released from prison as part of his sentence.

His Personal Experiences

Boosie Badazz is the father of eight children, all of them are from separate mothers. He claims he wants to start a family.

He has a number of health problems, including diabetes. He disclosed on social media on November 25, 2015, that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Later, he underwent successful cancer surgery.

Estimated Net worth

Torrence is one of the wealthiest and most popular members of the family. The rapper’s estimated net worth is $4 million. Houses and automobiles. Living quarters