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Tracey Edmonds is an American businesswoman, TV personality, and producer who is best known for serving on the board of directors of the ‘Producers Guild of America.’ She is one of the few women who occupy a position of prominence within the American entertainment industry. She was an above-average student in school and was reared in Los Angeles, California. She desired a career in medicine. She attended ‘Stanford University’ to study psychobiology after graduating from high school. In the mid-1990s, she produced films such as ‘Light it Up,’ ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ and ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’ through her independent film production company, ‘e2 Filmworks.’ ‘Jumping the Broom,’ another film she produced, was nominated for the ‘NAACP Image Award’ for ‘Outstanding Motion Picture’ and the ‘BET Award’ for ‘Best Movie.’ She is a well-known woman with a high IQ and strong determination who manages multiple organizations. She is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has served as a global ambassador for the renowned non-governmental organization CARE.

Youth and Early Life

Tracey Edmonds was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 18, 1967, to scholars George and Jacqueline McQuarn. She grew up in an African-American family of the upper middle class. Tracey displayed extraordinary academic abilities as a child. She desired to become a doctor and was aware that she would have to study diligently to achieve this. Tracey, who graduated from secondary school at the age of 16, desired to take some time off to determine her future plans. In the interim, she enrolled in a pre-medical college at ‘Stanford University.’ She holds a degree in psychobiology.

Her parents divorced prior to her enrollment in college. Even though her exceptional academic performance earned her a scholarship, it did not cover all of the expenses associated with attending a prestigious university such as ‘Stanford.’ After graduating, she was up to her knees in debt due to student loans. By that time, she had lost interest in pursuing her early ambitions of becoming a psychologist or a physician. She needed to support her family, so she quickly began working as a broker.

After accumulating sufficient funds, she decided to establish a real estate sales office with her mother. The mother and daughter effectively ran the business in Newport Beach, despite some racist incidents. Tracey requested that her mother relocate her real estate office to Los Angeles when she grew weary of the situation. Soon thereafter, the family relocated to Los Angeles to begin anew.

A profession about Tracey

She met the musician and vocalist Kenneth Edmonds in 1990. This was a defining moment in Tracey’s existence. He was a well-known figure in the music industry and provided Tracey with insight into how launching a music-publishing company could prove to be a highly lucrative endeavor. Thus, she founded her business, ‘Yab Yum Entertainment.’

Jon B was one of the very first performers to be signed to the label. Soon, several additional musicians enlisted, and the business flourished. At that time, she had married Kenneth and they had become business partners. Tracey’s ambitions did not stop at owning a thriving music label; she also desired to enter the film production industry. In 1993, this resulted in the establishment of the “Edmonds Entertainment Group.” Initially, the corporation was involved in numerous aspects of film production. Tracey was not only intelligent enough to manage a successful business, but she was also well-versed in the art of filmmaking.

In 1997, she produced her first film, Soul Food. The movie was a critical and commercial triumph. All of the film’s characters were black. It portrayed the African-American community favorably. The film received numerous accolades, including the ‘NAACP Image Award’ for ‘Outstanding Motion Picture’ and the ‘Acapulco Black Film Festival’ award for ‘Best Film.’ Tracey’s second film, ‘Hav Plenty,’ also featured an all-black cast and was inspired by the success of her first film.

The film was produced on a shoestring budget but grossed more than 10 times its budget. In addition to being distributed by ‘Miramax Films,’ the film also received excellent reviews, making it a clear victor in all respects.
In 1999, she produced her first commercial film, ‘Light It Up,’ which had a larger budget than her previous two films combined. However, the film’s performance fell short of expectations. In addition to addressing prejudice, the film incorporated commercial elements.

In 2000, Tracey produced a low-budget independent film titled ‘Punks,’ which had a limited release. In 2000, she made her television debut with ‘Soul Food: The Series,’ a family drama. It garnered the ‘NAACP Image Award’ for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ in 2002, 2003, and 2004. She produced two additional television series, ‘Maniac Magee’ and ‘College Hill,’ after the success of her first endeavor. Both were commercial and critical successes.

In 2007, Tracey produced ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ her first feature film with an all-white cast. The film had an intriguing premise and performed well at the box office. However, the premise was severely criticized by critics. As a result of her success as a film producer, Tracey has obtained a number of prominent positions in organizations associated with the American film industry. She has served on the board of directors of the ‘Producers Guild of America.’ She has also served on the board of the ‘American Film Institute.’

She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well. She has also commanded the humanitarian organization CARE, whose mission is to reduce global poverty. The concentration of the organization is on African nations, particularly Sierra Leone, which has the potential for exceptional growth.
She is currently the CEO and president of the ‘Edmonds Entertainment Group.’

Awards & Recognition

Her work has earned her numerous accolades, including the ‘Ebony Magazine Outstanding Women in Marketing & Communications Entrepreneur Award,’ the ‘Volunteers of America Legacy of Leadership Award,’ the ‘National Organization of Women’s Excellence in Media Award,’ and the ‘Alliance for Women in Media’s Gracies Award for Best Host in Entertainment & Information.’

Personal Facts about Tracey

Tracey wed Kenneth Edmonds, also known as “Babyface,” in 1992 after two years of dating. Both of their sons were named Dylan and Brandon. The couple separated in 1995. Tracey had dated actor Eddie Murphy and athlete Deion Sanders after her divorce.

Estimated Net Worth

American producer and entrepreneur Tracey Edmonds has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Tracey Edmonds, also known as Tracey Elaine McQuarn, was born in Los Angeles, California, and matriculated from Stanford University with a degree in Psychobiology. She began her career in mortgage and real estate before launching Edmonds Entertainment Group, her own entertainment company.