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American YouTuber Travie Williams is well-known for posting situational comedy videos on his channel, “TravieBASED.” He also has a YouTube account with the same name where he publishes vlogs and storytime videos. He also has a third channel where he posts replies and other entertaining material. Williams was raised at Castle Park with his two brothers. He was born in California. Up until the day he chose to use the video-sharing platform to show the world his hilarious and joyful side, he never gave joining YouTube much attention. He quickly grew addicted to posting videos and developed into a serious YouTuber. Williams is currently dominating social media, just like many other YouTubers. He currently has hundreds of thousands of subscribers across all three of his channels. The YouTube entertainer is a cool, funny guy who frequently behaves out of control, especially around his loved ones. He has the best sense of humor around! Williams enjoys spending his free time with the people that matter the most to him: his friends and family.

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Become a Star

On September 20, 2010, Travie Williams began his own YouTube channel with the same name. He has been posting vlogs and story-time videos on this channel ever since. The channel, which contains hundreds of recordings, features some incredible vlogs that highlight Williams’ private life. For his followers who are interested in learning more about his life in depth, these videos are appropriate. With over 465k subscribers and over 43 million views, this channel under its own name is reasonably well-liked on social media.

‘TravieBASED’ is Travie Williams’ second YouTube channel. This channel, which debuted on April 2, 2011, offers humorous videos such as skits, rants, and other entertaining material. Additionally, it has a number of individual vlogs. Things We Do in High School and “5 Types Of Insecure Boyfriends” are two of the most wonderful videos on TravieBASED that you shouldn’t miss seeing. These two situational comedy videos each have over 1.1 million views. In terms of TravieBASED’s popularity, as of October 2018, it had more than 939k subscribers. The channel has received approximately 72 million views overall.

He also manages a third YouTube channel. The ‘TravieBLACK’ channel is a hotspot of amusement focused on vlogs and comments. The channel, which debuted in 2017, currently has more than 108k subscribers. Travie Williams, who is well-known on other social media sites as well, has more than 216k followers on Instagram as of October 2018.

Individual Life of Travie Williams

In California, the United States, Travie Williams was born on December 27, 1993. He shared a home in Castle Park with two brothers. He has numerous close friendships with other YouTubers, like Mikey Bolts. In July 2014, the two worked together on the “A Million” music video. Williams frequently includes members of his family and friends in his YouTube videos. The internet lacks details on his education.

Net worth of Travie Williams

The esimated net worth of Travie Williams is about $1 million.