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Atlanta, Georgia
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Atlanta, Georgia

American musician Tray Bills hails from Atlanta. He has a large fan base on many social media sites. He is quite interested in acting and modeling in addition to music. The hip-hop culture that surrounds him and the neighborhood he grew up in greatly influenced his musical preferences. With songs like “Killin My Dab,” “Chiraq,” and “Who The Plug,” Tray became well-known. On his ‘SoundCloud’ account, you may listen to his music and his favorite songs. ‘YouTube’ channel owners Tray possess two. The first one is a partnership with his friend and fellow YouTuber Chris Gilly, and the second one is his personal channel. Similar content is shown on both channels.

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Career of Tray Bills

Since he was in middle school, Tray has been incredibly passionate about music. He had always envisioned a future in the entertainment sector. He eventually developed a preference for acting and modeling.

Tray grew up in a neighborhood where hip-hop culture was quite prevalent. In addition, there was a lot of crime, peril, and violence in the region. Most of his music reflects this. His songs typically include subjects like true friendship, loyal love, and street romance. His most well-known songs include “Killin My Dab,” “Chiraq,” and “Who The Plug,” all of which have received a lot of playtime on SoundCloud. Who The Plug and Chiraq, two of these songs, were made available on Tray’s SoundCloud page. Additionally, Tray has worked with musicians including Kelly Cole and the “Blood Brothers” Tray appears on the songs “I Heard” and “For This Money” by Kidd Lavish.

Tray entered “YouTube” in 2013 in an effort to launch a modeling and acting career. In 2017, he and his friend and fellow YouTuber Chris Gilly started a joint YouTube channel. The initial name of the channel was “Clout of Atlanta.” Pranks, challenges, Q&A videos, storytimes, and other fun videos are the channel’s main content. Let’s Kiss Prank On Air, Ignoring Prank on Air! (She Gets Mad), Hickey Prank on Air, and Argument Prank on Tray are some of their most watched videos on the channel. More than 755 thousand people are subscribers to the channel, which is currently called “Chris And Tray.”

Later, Tray started his own channel with the same content under his own name. In several of the videos on the channel, his girlfriend and fellow “YouTuber” Airionna Lynch may be seen. In his vlogs, Tray also shows his sister and parents. However, this channel has a lot fewer users than Tray’s channel for joint work. The channel currently has little over 95,000 subscribers. Tray has over 580 thousand followers on the photo-sharing app “Instagram,” where he is also well-liked for his pictures.

Individual Life of Tray Bills

On August 25, 1995, Tray was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His younger sister runs a YouTube account as well. He left college to pursue a career in modeling and “YouTube.”
Baseball caps are his favorite headgear. ‘Apple’ is his brand of choice. Tray has an obsession with vehicles, which is evident in his “Instagram” pictures.

Net worth of Tray Bills

The estimated net worth of Tray Bills is about $1 million.