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Tray Rush is a well-known YouTuber who rose to fame because to his family-focused vlog channel, “The Rush Fam.” He collaborates on videos with his wife Kesha. On many of his videos, he also includes his children. Every day, Tray posts a new vlog. Most of his films are pranks, challenges, travel diaries, and story time movies. When he created a joint video with Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, his channel rose to new heights. In a handful of his videos, Tray Rush has also discussed his struggles with anxiety and despair. Making Gingerbread House, Back to School Shopping Disaster, She Can’t Go to School, Cali’s First Time Driving, and many other videos are among his most popular ones on the channel. More than 700,000 people subscribe to his channel.

YouTube’s Story of Tray Rush

Tray has always desired a career in the entertainment sector. His initial preference was acting, but he later switched to basketball. Tray persisted in his basketball training, but he also harbored a secret acting passion. When he obtained his basketball scholarship, he relocated to Los Angeles. He had to take care of his cousin, therefore he had to go back to Toronto. He made the decision to stay away from Los Angeles and, in order to sustain himself financially, he began looking for employment. Tray had almost given up on his dream of being a successful actor by that point.

When he finally found work, Kesha was there. Kesha advised that he start making YouTube videos once they got to know one another. Later, Tray changed the name of his YouTube channel from “Today with Tray” to “The Rush Fam.” The channel features a wide range of films, including those from his wedding. Tray discussed practically all of the events that had happened in his life. Although the performance of his channel wasn’t great at first, he ultimately stepped up the pace and became a well-known YouTube channel. Tray has given up his work and is now a full-time vlogger.

He posted a general vlog as his debut video. Then he began publishing vlogs about his daily life. Kesha began to show up frequently in Tray’s videos. Then, he tweeted about each memorable experience he had with Kesha. He blogged about the engagement, the wedding, their first date, and their first trip together. A few storytime films were also occasionally released by him. He discussed his battles with anxiety and depression in his story time videos, as well as how he overcome them.

When Tray had children, he referred to his family as the T-Squad. He continues to utilize that phrase as the first sentence of his videos. He and Kesha have produced a few videos about parenting, marriage, and relationship difficulties. They also take every opportunity to pull practical jokes on one another. Worst birthday gift Prank, Insect Pizza Prank, Breakup Prank, Got Beat Up Prank, I Am Pregnant Prank, and many more are among the prank video series they have produced.

Tray and Kesha have consistently uploaded entertaining challenge videos to their YouTube channel. The “Makeup Challenge,” “Eating Hottest Snacks,” and “Whisper Challenge” are just a few of the challenges they have undertaken. With more than six million views each, the videos “Baby Eating Warheads” and “What’s Wrong with Cali” are among some of Tray’s most popular ones.

Then, Tray Rush had the chance to work with Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada, to create a joint film. The prime minister’s office was looking for a YouTuber to create a video for which the leader would discuss a few topics. A local news station then spoke with him and Kesha about their experience working with Justin Trudeau. Tray characterized his encounter as bizarre. Tray currently has more than 700,000 subscribers to his YouTube account. So far, his videos have received more than 200 million views.

Individual Life of Tray Rush

On February 19, 1989, Tray Rush was born in Toronto, Ontario. About his parents or his educational background, he hasn’t really said anything. Kesha, Tray’s lifelong partner, and he have made numerous videos about their intercultural relationship. They are the happy parents of three adorable children. Their first child, Kameiro, has his or her own YouTube account. Cali, his younger daughter, has frequently starred in his videos. Elijah, a boy, was also adopted by them.

Estimated net worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Tray. Our study of Tray Rush’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is about $1.5 million.