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Evansville, Indiana
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Evansville, Indiana

American musician and social media influencer Trey Schafer. He leans slightly toward hip-hop but is primarily a pop vocalist. He was an Indiana native who excelled in school and loved to play basketball. He aspired to participate in the US college basketball league in the future. However, he quickly realized that he wanted to make a profession out of music, which had long been a passion of his. In the ninth grade, he started posting covers and remixes to SoundCloud while he was learning. Schafer also became well-known on social media, which gave him a chance to participate in Magcon. He appeared on the Netflix reality show “Chasing Cameron” in 2016. His appearance on the program gave him enough exposure to feel comfortable releasing an extended play on his own. Good evaluations followed the release of “Love Finesse” in April 2018.

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Rise to Recognition

Trey’s folks gave him his first guitar for Christmas when he was four years old. He still has the pawn shop Stratocaster in his hometown recording facility. After taking a few guitar lessons, he quickly found himself writing songs without having a clear understanding of how to do them. He then developed a love for music and writing, which became his primary creative outlet. Although he still did well in class and on the basketball floor, his priority was gradually shifting to making music.

But it took him a while before he felt secure enough to act in front of other people. He claimed that music served as nothing more than “therapeutic” for him. If someone else was home, he was unable to even sing or compose. He purchased the studio tools he still uses in the eighth grade. A year later, he gathered enough courage to upload covers and remixes of famous songs on SoundCloud. In his junior year, he approached his folks and expressed his wish not to go to college and become a musician instead.

Schafer had to go through his share of struggles before he could achieve even a modicum of success. He had been homeless for a few weeks in Los Angeles before he finally moved to Las Vegas a few years ago. He often resided out of his car, with his “four guitars as roomies.” Even without a roof over his head, he composed music on the rear seat of the car. Schafer claimed that the difficulties made him value things that he had previously taken for granted. It also helped him understand the true worth of a creative place, like a studio or even a singing room.

Besides using SoundCloud, Schafer also built up a YouTube account. The channel, which was launched on December 17, 2013, performed the same function as SoundCloud. He joined Magcon in 2016, after which he appeared on the Netflix reality show “Chasing Cameron” about the tour. Although Cameron Dallas was the show’s main subject, it is fair to say that Schafer was the star. Schafer discovered that he had gained a substantial amount of online popularity after the show. His social media following was quickly growing, and his followers showed genuine curiosity about what he would do next. Schafer made the decision to create an Album and self-publish it.

The single “Love Finesse” was released on April 24 by Schafer’s own record company. It has the tracks “Brand New,” “Love Finesse,” “Fuck What They Think,” “Fumble,” and “Clothes,” among others. Schafer claimed that the EP is a culmination of his creative growth over the previous two years in an interview with Unheard Gems. The majority of the songs were composed within the last few months, while a few were written at least two years before the EP’s debut.

Individual Existence of Trey Schafer

Chris and Laila Schafer welcomed Trey into the world on September 26, 1997, in Evansville, Indiana. Conner and Cole, his two siblings, exist. Schafer had excelled in school his entire scholastic career. He was a prodigious basketball player in high school with a 4.0 Grade and aspirations of playing professionally. He even graduated as his class’ leader. Schafer decided to seek a career in music despite receiving numerous scholarship offers.
Prior to that, Schafer had a brief relationship with Krista, an Indiana resident.

On his left forearm, Trivia Schafer has a tattoo of a bird. He says it represents change, independence, and progress.

Trey Schafer’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known R&B singers is Trey. According to our research, Trey Schafer has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.