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English singer and musician Tristan Evans is most recognized for being a part of the British pop-rock group “The Vamps.” In addition to serving as the band’s backing vocalist and drummer, he also produces the group, particularly when it comes to its covers. When he was younger, he picked up the drums and joined two school bands. The Young Drummer of the Year honor goes to him. When he happened to meet Brad Simpson and James McVey on Facebook, his musical career took a major turn for the better. The three later met Connor Ball through a common friend, and the four formed “The Vamps.” Evans became well-known as a result of the band’s subsequent success, which has produced a number of hit songs and chart-topping singles, including “Can We Dance,” “Wild Heart,” “Last Night,” and “Somebody to You,” in addition to the popular album “Meet the Vamps.”

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Gain Notoriety of Tristan Evans

He was involved in music from a young age, having started to play the drums at the age of seven. He later joined both of the school bands. These bands—”Malicious” and “The Midnight Orange Monkeys”—performed in neighborhood eateries in Exeter. When he won Young Drummer of the Year in 2010, people began to notice his talent at an early age. Evans, who also plays the piano and guitar, is a graduate of Exeter’s independent Academy of Music and Sound, a college dedicated to popular music.

James McVey had a band idea. In 2011, he came across Bradley Simpson on YouTube. Later in 2012, the two connected with Evans on Facebook, and through a mutual acquaintance, the three of them were introduced to Connor Ball. With Simpson on lead vocals and guitar, McVey on lead guitar and vocals, Ball on bass guitar and vocals, and Evans on drums and vocals, the British pop rock group “The Vamps” was formed as a result. Evans and the other band members first came to notice in late 2012 when they began to become well-known for posting cover songs to YouTube. The band got a record deal with Mercury Records in November 2012.

The lead song from “Meet the Vamps,” the band’s debut studio album, was released in the UK on September 29, 2013, and it was the band’s debut single. With the single’s debut and peak position of #2 on the UK Singles Chart, as well as its Platinum certification from Australia (ARIA) and Gold certification from the UK (BPI), Evans and the other band members gained widespread notoriety. Evans increased his notoriety over time with the group, which went on to create numerous additional successful singles and albums. These include the three consecutive singles “Wild Heart,” “Last Night,” and “Somebody to You,” which were all released in 2014 and peaked at #3, #2, and #4 on the UK Singles Chart, respectively. As a member of the band, Evans’ success story continued. The band’s debut studio album, “Meet the Vamp,” was released in the UK on April 14, 2014, and it became the 23rd best-selling album in the country that year, earning a Platinum certification from BPI. The band “Somebody to You” (2014) released their debut EP, which debuted at #10 on the US Billboard 200. When it comes to creating the band’s covers, Evans also serves as their producer. While participating in the band’s national and worldwide tours, such as the Meet the Vamps tour (2014), The Vamps Asia-Pacific tour (2015), The Vamps North American tour (2015), and USA 2018 tour, he also attracted attention and amassed millions of admirers.

In addition to his flourishing relationship with “The Vamps,” Evans has become rather well-known on social media. Since starting “TheVampsTristan” on Twitter in February 2012, he has gained over 1.70 million followers, and he currently has over 970 K followers on Instagram (thevampstris). In 2013, he made an appearance on the chat show “The Morning.” Aside from acting, Evans has also dabbled in comedy. He appeared in the 2015 comedy film “Janoskians: Untold and Untrue” and in an uncredited capacity on the 2017 comedic music talk show “Conan.” Additionally, he participated in a modeling session for the apparel line Saint Kidd.

Behind the Scenes

In the historic English city of Exeter, he was born on August 15, 1994, as Tristan Oliver Vance Evans. The name of his mother is Carolyn Evans. He grew up with his sister Milly and brother James. When he was younger, he enjoyed riding horses, and he currently owns a horse in addition to a rabbit.
Evans has reportedly acknowledged that he prefers relationships with women who are older than him. He got engaged to English model and cosmetics artist Anastasia Smith in April 2018, and the two are currently romantically linked.

The net worth of Tristan Evans

The estimated net worth of Tristan Evans is about $5 million.