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American skateboarder Trixie Trujillo is also the percussionist for the skate-rock group “Bad Shit.” She is the spouse of ‘Bad Shit’ member and competitive skateboarder Tony Trujillo. Trixie started skating but subsequently changed her focus to music. The group “Trujillo Trio,” of which Trixie is a member, has played at several renowned music festivals. In the skateboarding community of San Francisco, she is viewed as a celebrity.

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Career of Trixie Trujillo

Trixie has been skating for more than ten years. It was initially just a pastime she enjoyed. Trixie also pursued music during that period. She initially became a percussionist for the psychobilly group “The Deadutantes” from San Jose. She found it increasingly challenging to balance band rehearsals with classes at that time. Every weekend, she would attend jam sessions, which affected her academic success. Sadly, by the time Trixie finished her education, the group had split.

Tony Trujillo, a professional skateboarder, shortly approached Trixie and persuaded her to join his upcoming skate-rock group. The future “Bad Shit” ensemble was just beginning to form at the time. Tony and Jake Phelps, a famous skateboarder and the editor-in-chief of the publication “Thrasher,” came up with the concept. Trixie and the other two band members originally rehearsed in a warehouse in Hunters Point, San Francisco. They had a double treat because, in addition to being a warehouse, “Double Rock” or “The Dojo” was also an interior skate park where they frequently practiced skateboarding. The band provides the ideal fusion of skateboarding and hardcore metal. Additionally, it has performed at almost all of the top skateboarding events and published a few EPs.

Later, Trixie joined Tony and Robert Trujillo, the bassist from the heavy metal band “Metallica,” in the music group “Trujillo Trio.” The group has played on “The Vans Damage Inc Stage” and at the “Orion Music Festival” a few times, and they have also released the song “Trunk Boyz.”
Later, Trixie and Tony started their group called “Who Axed You?’

Individual Life of Trixie Trujillo

On September 3, 1982, Ashley gave birth to Trixie in the US. Her hometown is North California. She resided in San Diego for a while before relocating to San Francisco. The alias “Trixie Con Leche” is another name for her.
Tony Trujillo, a renowned skateboarder, and musician is married to Trixie. Waylon, their first child, was born in 2008. Sometime after that, they welcomed another boy.

Trixie originally considered going into paramedics, but her love of skateboarding and music prevented that from happening.

Trixie Trujillo Net Worth

Trixie is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked family members. Trixie Trujillo is valued at $5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.