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The wise advice of Twan Kuyper, 21, is to “chase your goals, not follow them.” For those who are envious of his success, this athletic model and Vine sensation has a message of perseverance and ambition. Twan Kuyper, who has a net worth of $200,000, has been active on social media and is doing well in the broadcast business as well. He is referred to as “The Future of Influencer and Business Collaboration” by Forbes. Twan embodies the characteristics of the Pisces sign, being imaginative, impassioned, and giving. He promotes the “Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease” and “ChangUr,” setting an example of humanitarianism. He has appeared in three movies and numerous television ads. He has since gone on to support numerous companies in association with well-known figures. However, he only advocates for companies that he genuinely admires. Twan claims that creating emotional connections is how he climbs the success ladder in all of his undertakings. With more than two million followers, he has already achieved fame.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Twan started his modeling job at the age of 16, and thanks to his cute looks and dedication to fitness, he quickly established himself in the industry. He played an important role in a number of photo shoots, newspaper advertisements, and runway and fashion shows. He relocated to South Florida, USA, in 2013 to further his modeling profession. Here, he was introduced to Vine by his closest friend Lele Pons. That same day, he acquired 80,000 followers, and a week later, he had amassed a million fans. Twan was inspired to continue posting videos by the fame he gained from his first one, and his fan base quickly grew. He made his film debut in 2015’s “Fifth Harmony: Worth It, PARODY,” which led to parts in the 2016 films “Woman on the Edge” and “The Broken Record.”

Why Twan Kuyper Is So Unique?

If this Vine sensation and model’s stunning looks and “take home to momma” characteristics aren’t enough to set them apart, the addition of values like humility and gratitude should do the trick. Twan’s response to his success is as follows: “I am fortunate to have already experienced many aspects of the industry and I look forward to continuing to learn and develop as a model.” He is one of the most well-known Viners ever due to his friendships with Lele, Rudy Mancuso, Christian Delgrosso, Bart Baker, Alec Bailey, Hayes Grier, and Nash Grier in a brief period of time.

Past Honors of Twan Kuyper

Despite not being an entrepreneur, Twan, a student of business administration, uses his expertise to promote brands and run campaigns. He claims in an interview with Forbes that producing unique, fan-focused material is the only way to serve as a brand’s face. He places a strong emphasis on marketing that involves his followers in his branding strategy, such as making a Twitter follow-up promise or actually meeting a fan. He can connect and exert real social power thanks to this. On a personal level, Twan is kind, believes in teamwork and helping others, and shuns green-eyed envy. “Look at Vine and you’ll see Viners in each other’s Vines, every day,” he said in an interview. I believe it’s wonderful when people support one another without showing any jealousy.

Behind The Scenes

Everybody is pulling for his name thanks to his “boy next door” charm. He is a dedicated worker who prioritizes his family behind the scenes. His love for his sister Lisa is obvious in the numerous videos that he has posted together. Basketball is Twan’s favorite sport and, according to the dedicated athlete, it’s “a great way to remain in shape.” He has an exercise regimen that forces him to the gym three times per week when he’s not modeling or making Vine videos. His romantic history is largely unknown; he presents himself as unmarried across all social media platforms. He doesn’t disclose the Dutch girl’s name even though he has been seen dating her. Twan’s eagerness to pick up new skills and get better paves the way for this budding talent.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Twan Kuyper is about $1 million.


One day, Twan hopes to collaborate with Kevin Hart. Twan’s preferred comic is Kevin. He finds Kevin to be so hilarious that simply hanging out with him in a film would do.