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TwoSync Mat is a popular YouTube gaming star who created the YouTube channel TwoSync in collaboration with his sibling TwoSync Chris. They publish FIFA-related videos alongside hoaxes, troll videos, and squad videos. Additionally, they frequently depict themselves battling over scores and losses! Additionally, he has collaborated with Wroetoshaw, a British YouTube gameplay commentator and FIFA aficionado. In May of 2014, they produced a FIFA Ultimate Team video. He is also well-known for his YouTube editing channel, iDuel2010. His most popular channel is the one that he operates with his sibling. It has received millions of views to date and is incredibly popular. The brothers are interested in football and other amusing activities. In their recordings, they typically discuss sports and their favorite football players. Additionally, they hold Q&A sessions with their followers.

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Mat’s Achieve Stardom

TwoSync Mat and his sibling TwoSync Chris produce and upload a new video every day to their popular YouTube channel TwoSync, which they launched on January 22, 2013. As of June 2018, the channel has 1,4 million subscribers and 562 million views. This will never happen again—FIFA 18 Pack Opening Fut Champs’ has 298k views, while ‘I have the new St. Ronaldo on FIFA 18’ has 212k views, and ‘Messi in a complimentary pack’ has 236k views.

Since he is an avid soccer aficionado, the focus of his videos is on FIFA games, a series of association football video games published annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. The brothers play FIFA and compete against one another while doing so.

Additionally, they dispute their scores, defeats, and victories. Their entertaining videos have garnered fans in countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. To maintain a relationship with their admirers, the brothers conduct multiple Q&A sessions.

The pair also creates videos of themselves performing pranks on each other while playing FIFA. In addition to life advice and YouTube recommendations, they discuss their favorite television series with their followers. Once, they included their sister Katie in a video where they were making a smoothie and daring each other to consume it.

TwoSync Mat has a second channel called iduel2010 which was established on November 11, 2010. As of June 2018, it has 114k subscribers and 11 million views. However, it has not been updated in six years.

Mat’s Personal Life

TwoSync Mat was born in England on September 2, 1988. His sibling is named Chris, and his sister is named Katie.

Estimated Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online resources, TwoSync Mat’s net worth at the age of 30 is $56 million.