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Everybody Sam is an internet celebrity and TikTok user from America. On social media, she goes by Sam Nicole as well. She was raised with her brother and is a native of New York. She created accounts on YouNow and YouTube for her initial journey into social media, but she was unable to find any popularity on either site. It didn’t happen until after she made her musical TikTok account. It was around that time that she began to gain notoriety. She currently ranks among the most popular TikTok users with over two million admirers and over 125 million hearts on the platform.

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Gain Notoriety by Universal Sam

Everybody Sam made accounts on YouNow and YouTube in 2015, which marked the start of her rise to fame on the internet. She was unsuccessful on both of these platforms, though. Her channel now has no content, but she allegedly posted Q&As, a few vlogs, and a Bean Boozled Challenge video. Since its establishment on May 25, 2015, the channel has amassed over 8,000 subscribers. She has more than three thousand fans on YouNow.

She currently maintains two distinct Instagram accounts, xuniversalsamx and itzsamnicole. She has over 116 thousand followers on itzsamnicole and over 23 thousand followers on xuniversalsamx. She receives thousands of views on each post these days. In addition to sharing glimpses into her private life on Instagram, Universal Sam shares recordings from her live shows there as well.

Before the merger, on TikTok, when the app was still called musical.ly, she created her account. When the app first started to take off, she posted typical TikTok/musical.ly videos of herself lip-syncing to well-known songs, just like any other user. With time, she began posting comedic sketches and lip-syncing to well-known movie and television lines. Her page expanded over the next few months. Tens of thousands of people appreciate her postings, and she is currently a crowned user. She has shared the stage with many artists and bands, including Daya, Madeon, Lizzo, Drake, The Wombats, and Malu Trevejo.

Individual Life of Universal Sam

On February 2, 2003, in New York City, Universal Sam was born. Her private life and family are little known. With over 1.5 thousand followers, her mother uses the Instagram handle universal_mama to keep up with her activities. She shares images of their father, Universal Sam, and her brother. She is obviously quite pleased with her daughter’s accomplishments. “You are the sun that never sets and the moon that never wanes in my life,” her bio says on her profile. Go forth, my darling. I cherish you. To everyone Sam.

Everybody Sam’s family has four pets, and her brother is one of them.

The net worth of Universal Sam

The estimated net worth of Universal Sam is about $1 million.