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On her Instagram page, “valegod,” social media sensation Valentina Paola has amassed more than 795,000 followers. Her dance videos, which she had posted on Triller and TikTok, first became well-known online when they started to go viral. Along with her boyfriend, Trey, she co-owns a YouTube channel. She posts her makeup routine and tutorials on the channel “Vale & Trey,” which has more than 65,000 subscribers. Valentina aspires to be a successful model in the entertainment and design industries.

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Early Youth & Life

On September 3, 1998, in the United States of America, Valentina Paola was born. Her grandma and father were her primary caregivers. Since her mother abandoned her when she was only eight months old and she hasn’t seen her since Valentina had a difficult upbringing.

Her older sister, who has served as a mother figure to her, spent her youth with her. Valentina claimed in one of her YouTube videos that her sister was the one who took excellent care of her when she was a toddler. Because she was a skinny girl, Valentina was teased by her peers in middle school. Despite this, Valentina overcame the bullying and finished high school with honors.

Job in Social Networking

In January 2012, she started a Twitter account, and then an Instagram account. She kept sharing amusing pictures on Instagram, which aided in her fan growth. Valentina rose to fame as a social media celebrity after amassing more than 500,000 fans on Instagram. She has displayed her toned body in numerous Instagram photos.

Along with her partner, Trey, she co-owns a YouTube channel. More than 65,000 people are followers of the “Vale & Trey” channel. On the channel, Valentina has shared a few lessons and make-up routines. The Reality, First Q&A, “Daily Makeup,” “Hair Tutorial with Short Hair,” and “Hair Tutorial with Long Hair” are a few of the channel’s most-watched videos.

Paola’s Individual Existence

Bryan Diaz, another prominent figure on social media, and Valentina were dating. However, the pair separated due to personal issues. Valentina claimed in one of her YouTube videos that splitting from Bryan was among the most difficult experiences she had to go through.

Trey and she later fell in love, and the two of them started a YouTube channel together that has grown to more than 65,000 followers. She frequently includes Trey in her Instagram photos as well.

Valentina enjoys having inked, and her body is covered in tattoos all over. The phrase “With suffering comes strength” is inked on her right collarbone as her very first tattoo. She also has a tattoo beneath her breast, which she frequently shows off on her social media accounts.

Estimated Net Worth

Valentina is among the wealthiest and most well-known Instagram stars. Our study of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed Valentina Paola’s $5 million net worth.