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The popular Swiss YouTuber Venus Palermo, sometimes known as Venus Angelic, is well-known for having a doll-like appearance. Her YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers thanks in part to the makeup lesson videos she has posted and the flawless fashion choices she makes. She has offered tips in the majority of her makeup lessons with the intention of making her audience appear like dolls or anime characters. She has even succeeded in imitating the appearances of numerous other well-known animated characters, like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Drill Pigtails, and Elsa. Venus publishes DIY and hauls videos as well. Her fans frequently enjoy her short makeup advice because they are quite helpful. Along with her mother, she has made numerous talk show appearances where she has discussed how she went from being an ordinary girl to a social media sensation. Many television show producers have approached her because of her doll-like facial characteristics. Venus made a cameo appearance in the Swiss movie “Ready, Steady, Charlie!”

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YouTube’s Story

Early on, Venus was introduced to social media. Her mother used to share images of her on social media, which attracted the attention of many influential people in the entertainment business. At the age of six, Venus made her acting debut in the Swiss movie “Ready, Steady, Charlie!”

In 2008, Venus relocated from Switzerland to Spain. The subsequent few years she spent living in Japan significantly altered her life. She was so enamored with Japanese culture that she ultimately mastered origami, the Japanese language, and culinary techniques. In May 2010, she started a YouTube channel and uploaded a dancing video.

The two videos that she posted after her initial one was in Japanese. Later, Venus published a guide on learning Japanese. She posted instructional films on all of the Japanese art forms that she had learned. Venus also demonstrated her talent for Japanese nail art, which is second only to French manicures in terms of quality. Additionally, she published videos in which she instructed her audience on various makeup techniques for Japanese doll looks.

After that, Venus gave her audience some tips on how to use headbands to create five distinct hairstyles. Venus eventually posted a video on full-face makeup after uploading a few other movies. Immediately after uploading this particular video to her channel, she saw a rise in the number of her subscribers. She had the chance to perform on stage alongside legendary Japanese vocalist Rumi Shishido thanks to her popularity.

Venus returned to Spain after a few months in Japan, but she kept posting films on her YouTube page. Venus’ mother made the decision to relocate to Brixton in South West London in an effort to provide her with the finest platform to showcase her ability. Venus’s YouTube channel saw an increase in subscribers once she moved to Brixton, and she quickly rose to fame.

She became more open to criticism as she rose to prominence. Her voice, which resembles the voice of a well-known cartoon character, drew criticism from many of her followers who thought she was impersonating another person in order to increase her subscription count. Some experts stated their worry that Venus would negatively affect young girls because she might increase their desire to be more doll-like.

Then Venus and her mother made an appearance on the chat show “Daybreak,” where Venus gave her opinions on the subject. Venus’ mother defended her daughter by saying that she was born with doll-like looks and has never tried to sway others. Venus loves dolls and ribbons, just like every other girl, her mother continued.

She posted all of her films at the appropriate times, which is one of the factors in her fame. She had published her films at a time when young girls were most inclined to dress like dolls. Venus also stood out from the throng due to the fact that her appearance is natural and her tutorials are straightforward to follow.

Venus had an appearance in the “I’m A Living Doll” episode of the documentary series “My Strange Addiction” for the well-known TV network TLC, which aired in 2014. The “Thai Beauty and Culture Contest,” which was held in Gretzenbach, Switzerland, also went to Venus, who won. She triumphed in the 2011 Bodyline Modeling Competition, which was put on by a Japanese clothing company. She even continued to represent the brand as a model. Venus was also a part of the 2013 music video for the song “I Love It” that was published.

Individual Life of Venus Palermo

Venus was born on February 8th, 1997 in Brugg, Switzerland as Venus Isabelle Palermo. Venus has always received support from her mother, Margaret Palermo, in all of her endeavors.

Venus attended homeschool as a child. After being turned down for admission in the United Kingdom, she later relocated to the Netherlands and enrolled herself in a school there. Venus speaks and writes English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Romansh, and French with ease.

Estimated Net Worth

Venus Palermo Official is estimated to have a net worth of $100,000. Although the exact amount of Venus Official’s wealth remains unknown. Venus Palermo Official is believed to have a net worth of $100,000, according to the highly recognized opinion on our website; nevertheless, the actual net worth of Venus Angelic Official is unknown.