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The spouse of John Deacon, the erstwhile bass guitarist of the renowned rock group “Queen,” is Veronica Tetzlaff. They originally got together in Kensington while Veronica was enrolled in a teacher preparation program. They dated for a few years before getting hitched in 1975. When Veronica and her partner were married, she was expecting. A few months after the wedding, their first kid was born. John and Veronica are parents to five additional kids. Veronica adheres to Catholicism. She strictly adheres to the Catholic Carmelite path. Her demeanor is modest and straightforward. So far, she’s led a modest existence. She would rather avoid being in the spotlight. She has, nonetheless, helped John throughout his professional life.

Birth & Learning of Veronica Tetzlaff

Sheffield, a city in the English county of South Yorkshire, is where Veronica was born. Her ancestry is Polish. Veronica was a student at Kensington’s “Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College.” She began working as a nanny after completing the training.

Life in Marriage

At the ‘Maria Assumpta College’ nightclub in 1971, Veronica first saw John. Eventually, they started going out on dates. Following a few years of courtship, John and Veronica got married. On January 18, 1975, they were married in a Carmelite church on Kensington Church Street, one day after the release of the Queen song “No I’m Here.” By then, Veronica was two months along in her pregnancy. John’s former bandmate from “The Opposition,” a band from Leicestershire, Nigel Bullen, served as the wedding’s “best man.”

Robert was Veronica and John’s first child, born on July 18, 1975. Michael, their second child, was born on February 3, 1978. On June 25, 1979, Laura, their third child, was born. Joshua and Luke were the names of their fourth and fifth kid, respectively. Cameron, Veronica’s final child, was born on November 7, 1993.
Putney, in South West London, is the family’s current residence.

Individual Life of Veronica Tetzlaff

As a devoted Catholic, Veronica is. Her family belonged to the Carmelites, a Catholic monastic order named for the coastal mountain range of Mount Carmel in northern Israel. Veronica’s lifestyle has been greatly influenced by her strong adherence to the orthodox branch of the Carmelite faith.

Ruth, Nigel’s wife, claims that Veronica has a calming disposition. She is composed but adamant about her convictions. Veronica likes to dress simply and doesn’t apply cosmetics. Even though Veronica is a famous musician’s wife, she leads a quite different existence from the glamour and flash of show business.

Net worth of Veronica Tetzlaff

The estimated net worth of Veronica Tetzlaff is about $1 million.