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A well-known YouTuber from Texas, United States, Vicky Logan is a stunning woman with a small, exquisite body. She has earned notoriety for the fashion and beauty advice she gives on her YouTube channel ‘VICKYLOGAN’ via in-depth tutorials and evaluations of popular beauty products. “Full Face Routine: Long Lasting Makeup + Acne Scar Coverage” is one such popular video. During her undergraduate years, what began as a basic hobby of documenting her life in a creative manner on the YouTube channel ‘VICKYLEW’ soon evolved into the beautiful diva’s full-time love. Over time, she developed an interest in cosmetics techniques and began posting video tutorials on her YouTube account. Vicky renamed her YouTube channel VICKYLOGAN after her marriage to Cameron Logan, who pushed her to pursue her passion. She then continued her growing activities. She and her husband created the vlog channel ‘LIFE WITH THE LOGANS’ in response to the progressive increase in the channel’s fan base and subscriptions as a result of the popularity of videos like ‘LOGAN WEDDING’ This channel, which documents the couple’s everyday escapades, has already attracted a respectable number of viewers and subscribers, but it has yet to catch up to that of ‘VICKYLOGAN’.

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The Ascent To Fame

Vicky has had a creative disposition since childhood, as seen by her participation in sketching, writing, and musical arts as a child. She frequently expressed herself through such channels. During her early school years, she got an award from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra for her artwork.

Moreover, Vicky’s family recordings helped her develop a passion for video production. She progressively gained acquainted with the internet as she grew older. During her senior year of high school, she documented her daily struggles as a student in a video series titled “Vicky Videos” and posted them to Facebook.

In 2010, she established the YouTube channel VICKYLEW to document her life in a creative manner. She began creating vlogs in her automobile. Her enthusiasm for photography led her to offer family photographs, prom images, and graduation portraits.

As a result of her maturation into a young woman, she began to follow YouTube tutorials on makeup and steadily honed her talents. She would apply cosmetics to her buddies for parties and take photographs of them. Friends inspired her to start a photography and beauty business.

She developed confidence over time and explored sharing her own beauty ideas and knowledge online, particularly with the beauty community on YouTube that was gaining popularity. While continuing her freelance photography and makeup business and working as a sales associate for Forever 21, she started releasing video tutorials on makeup techniques and her favorite beauty items.

On her path to fame and notoriety, she was accompanied by Chicago entertainment industry graduate Cameron Logan. Cameron not only inspired her to pursue her passion, but he also assisted her in discovering her abilities through his business expertise.

Her YouTube channel has gained popularity over time and currently has over 290 thousand followers and over 21 million views. After her marriage to Cameron, Victoria rebranded her channel, which had collaborated with Cosmopolitan, Sephora, and MAC Cosmetics, as VICKYLOGAN.

Both ‘Wash, Blow Out & Flat Iron Routine for Natural Hair’ (February 25, 2015) and ‘LOGAN WEDDING’ (March 3, 2014), two of the channel’s most popular videos, have surpassed one million views.

The success of the latter, a video of the couple’s wedding, inspired them to launch a second YouTube channel titled “LIFE WITH THE LOGANS” on April 1, 2014. This channel, which captures the couple’s daily exploits, has already gained over 47,000 followers and over 4 million views.

Popular vlogs include “Life With The Logans- Vlog #1 – PILOT” (April 24, 2014) and “Life With The Logans- Season 2 Vlog #6 – Anniversary in Cancun!” (19 February 2015), and ‘Life With The Logans – Season 2 Vlog 8 – You’re So Famous! (March 19, 2015).

Vicky has successfully established her presence on different social media channels. Her Instagram account ‘victoriouslogan’ has amassed more than 89 K followers, and her Twitter account of the same name has amassed more than 27 K followers.

With a growing online presence, Vicky intends to make her mark offline as well by reaching out to young women around the world to inspire them to have self-confidence, keep a healthy lifestyle, and form successful relationships.

Behind The Screen

Vicky was born Victoria Christian Lewis on January 3, 1992, and she grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, with two younger brothers. In 2010, she graduated from high school and enrolled at Texas Christian University. In her first year, she majored in Broadcast Journalism before switching to Strategic Communication and Public Relations with an Art minor. In 2012, she quit university.

Through her mother, she became Facebook friends with Cameron Logan in 2010. They began dating in 2011, and after a long-distance romance, they took their relationship to the next level on February 14, 2014. The pair currently resides in the Chicago suburbs.

Both Logans have strong religious roots and are church leaders that encourage youth to grow their faith in Jesus Christ. In addition, they promote the institution of marriage and family values. Their lovely dog’s name is Gigi.

Estimated Net Worth

Vicky is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Vicky Logan has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.