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Vili Fualaau is a Samoan-American DJ who rose to prominence after having an extramarital affair with his married sixth-grade teacher Mary Kay Letourneau. After the then-34-year-old instructor pled guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape, his relationship with his teacher became a global issue. Letourneau was arrested as a result of this, and her plea agreement included six months in jail and no contact with her adolescent student for the rest of her life. Mary Kay Letourneau was arrested and jailed for three months before being freed. Letourneau continued her sexual relationship with Fualaau following her release two weeks later. Letourneau was arrested for the second time, and she spent several years in prison as a result of her actions. Fualaau asked the court to cancel their no-contact order after she was released from prison. After the order was revoked, Fualaau married Letourneau and raised their two daughters from their tumultuous relationship. In 2015, this well-known couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Vili Fualaau is currently employed in a home garden center. He’s also a DJ who aspires to be a tattoo artist one day. He and his wife Mary Kay Letourneau have also staged ‘Hot for Teacher’ nights at local clubs.

Childhood and Adolescence

Leiva and Soona Fualaau gave birth to Vili Fualaau on June 26, 1983.
He began attending Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington, in September 1991 and was placed in Mary Kay Letourneau’s second-grade class. This was his first encounter with his teacher.

At the age of 12, he enrolled in Letourneau’s sixth-grade class in 1996. At the time, Letourneau was a married mother of four children. She took Fualaau under her wing and began assisting him in the development of his artistic abilities.

The five-foot-six-inch-tall pupil began spending time with her at her home, looking more like a young man than a boy. He even got friends with Steve, the oldest son of the teacher.

Letourneau’s Involvement

Vili Fualaau turned 13 years old in June of 1996. The student and teacher began having a sexual relationship in July of that year. The following year, they are apprehended in a van, apparently engaged in a sexual act. After proving their innocence, the two were detained and later released.

Letourneau and Fualaau both wanted to keep their relationship private. Later, Mary Kay Letourneau said she had no idea her contact with the youngster would be considered rape.

Fualaau, according to some sources, was the one who desired a relationship with Letourneau. He once told the television news magazine Dateline that whenever he was going to meet her, he used to plan the day ahead of time and think about what he would do, what surprise he would leave on her desk, and so on.

Letourneau revealed the specifics of the night they first made sexual contact in an interview. She informed the reporter that the event started with a kiss late one night. “It started with a kiss and didn’t end after that,” she explained. I expected it to happen, but it didn’t.”

At the age of 14, I became a father.

Vili Fualaau started seventh grade in September 1996. Letourneau was expecting his first child at this time.
Letourneau gave birth to a baby girl on May 23, 1997, making Fualaau a father at the age of 14. Audrey was Letourneau’s daughter’s name.

Letourneau gave birth to their second daughter, ‘Georgia,’ in 1998, and Fualaau became a father for the second time. Meanwhile, she was arrested for child rape and gave birth to a baby girl while serving her sentence.

Mary Kay  Letourneau

Letourneau was caught on two counts of second-degree child rape on March 4, 1997, and sentenced to three months in prison. The actual sentence was six to seven years in prison, but she was released on the condition that she had no future contact with the youngster.

Her name was added to the sex offender registry on January 6, 1998.

She had sexual contact with Fualaau again on February 3, 1998, and was detained for violating her parole once again.
She was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in jail on February 6, 1998.

During these episodes, Fualaau Vili Fualaau had a terrible time. He didn’t finish high school. He went through a lot of mental turmoil, and he even stated that he was no longer in love with Letourneau. It was a life-changing experience for him.

For years, the father of two battled depression. “I went through a pretty horrible time,” he stated in an interview about his days fighting with the ailment. He also expressed his surprise at still being alive today.

Fualaau attempted suicide at the age of 18 because he was depressed. With sleeping pills and a gun, he attempted suicide once more.

When Fualaau was unable to contact Letourneau, his situation deteriorated. He had two newborn girls to look after at the time and no one to turn to. He didn’t have the support of his family or friends. He previously remarked that his buddies could not assist him because they did not understand what it was like to be a father.

The Vili Fualaau

Letourneau filed for divorce from her husband in 1999.
Letourneau was released from the Washington Corrections Center for Women on August 4, 2004, after serving her term. In the same year, Fualaau petitioned the court to have their no-contact order lifted. His request was later granted by the court.

Fualaau married Letourneau on May 20, 2005, when she was 21 years old. The wedding was a lavish affair, with over 250 guests in attendance, including the couple’s kids and two of Letourneau’s children from her first marriage.

The couple’s wedding took place at a winery in Washington. The couple also sold images and footage from their wedding to the press.

The couple has made their home in Seattle with their daughters.
Fualaau now works in a home garden center and also works as a DJ.
In 2015, the divisive couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

Vili Fualaau once informed the journalists at Washington TV station KIRO that the teacher’s pregnancy was not an accident, but rather a planned event. He stated that their child was the one thing that could save their relationship.

While Letourneau was in prison, Fualaau’s mother, Soona, reared their two daughters.
‘Only One Crime, Love’ was co-authored by Fualaau and Letourneau in 1998.
While in prison, Fualaau cheated on Letourneau.

Estimated Net worth

Vili Fualaau’s current net worth is estimated to be about 355 thousand dollars. Vili and his family currently reside in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.