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The Italian singer and composer Violetta Zironi is best known for the smash hits “Dimmi che non passa,” “Il primo giorno d’estate,” and “Don’t Make Me a Fool.” At the age of 16, she began creating songs after having performed since she was a young child. When Zironi obtained a record deal with a major label and released a few singles, she first became well-known. Before that, she had played in bars and events around the northern part of Italy with a local band. As of right now, she has performed in a large number of songs and music videos. Half Moon Lane, Zironi’s debut EP, was released in the first quarter of 2018. She is renowned for her distinctive sound, which combines parts of folk, country, and Americana music with influences from European and Mediterranean cultures. The Italian singer has performed on numerous international tours to support her music.

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Violetta Zironi’s Career

While Violetta was just a teenager, she started playing music. On the streets and at neighborhood clubs and festivals, she sang and played the guitar. She met Luca “Jontom” Tomassini in 2012, and the two later collaborated to perform at the Rome “YOUkulele Festival” that year. Violetta provided vocals for three songs on Jontom’s EP “Likelike Highway” that same year.

Soon later, in 2013, she released “Dimmi che non passa,” the lead song from the aforementioned EP. She took part in the seventh season of “The X Factor” in that same year (Italian version). The Italian performer signed with Sony Music as a result of her success in the program.

On June 21, 2014, Sony Music released her second single, “Il primo giorno d’estate,” which translates to “The first day of Summer.” The song was written by Luca Mattioni and Mario Cianchi and was produced by Alessandro Magnanini. Once this song was released, Violetta started touring, playing her pop songs along with some traditional American roots music and Celtic folk songs.

Her rendition of the song “Winter Wonderland” appeared in “X Factor Christmas 2014” in November 2014. The eighth season of “The X Factor” participants as well as some candidates from prior seasons participated in this compilation of traditional Christmas music.

Violetta made a brief appearance in Jack Savoretti’s “Write In Scars Tour” in April 2015. The remainder of the year was spent in Milan, London, Berlin, and her native Emilia-Romagna writing and recording her own songs. She also gave performances in Paris and other places in 2015 and 2016. Also, she took part in the 2016 Sanremo Music Festival. Half Moon Lane, the Italian singer’s debut EP, was released on February 23, 2018.

Zironi’s Individual Life

On April 5, 1995, Violetta Zironi was born in Correggio, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Giuseppe, her musician father, pushed her to pursue music as a young child. There is nothing online about her family history, education, or romantic relationships. She is currently active on Facebook. is the website Zironi manages.

Estimated Net Worth

American music star Violetta has a $1.4 million net worth. On April 5, 1995, Violetta was born in the United States.